Best coastal sights at Malta

After spending a few months at Malta I still haven’t figured out why tourists like to go here because there isn’t a lot to see and it is no “wow” natural beauty experiences compared to other places I have been. The coast is nice but not dramatic. Nothing unique. Nothing spectacular. It is a differentiator towards the water. Below places are the major tourist traps and natural beauty of Malta.


A small stone church which is a popular place to get married at and a bench with nice view. Then add a paved road where you can stroll and look down the cliffs. If you are unlucky a bunch of sheep’s will come and join you. Nothing breathtaking I would say but worth a visit if you are at Malta.

Blue grotto

This place you cannot miss out when you read about what to see and do at the island. I think this is the second most beautiful place and probably a bit more exciting if you visit it from the water. Maybe a kayaking tour would make it a 8 out of 10 sight. Just seeing it is a 5 out of 10 at my ranking.


I can imagine this place to be a nice one to visit if the timing is good and the restaurants are open but if not it is a dead fishing village. Should be a popular place for the market and Sunday lunch but a Friday afternoon in the end of January it was almost dead.

Popeye village

Last year when I was at Malta I visited Popeye village. A movie scene in the middle of a stone landscape. Although misplaced and in need of a bit of maintenance in order to stay up to date and still be a tourist attraction it was worth going there. Also I think the nicest cliffs on the island is located in that area.

Hopefully I haven’t seen the best coastal sight at Malta yet. I have one place I wanna see before leaving this island but it requires good weather and yesterday I planned the excursion.

/ Pernilla exploring the coast of Malta

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