Travel the world

Now when the travel industry is running on a low capacity at around 20% against one year ago this is a fact that makes me sad every time I think about it. All the people around the word that got a better life due to tourism and also how much travels helped myself and others to learn and understand the world. My best learnings in life is definitely a result from travels so I would like to share some of them.

There will be a solution to everything.

I really think so. In one way or another everything will work out.

The majority of people are friendly and helpful.

In comparison to the amount of not friendly people you met around the world the nice ones will be the vast majority. Put those people in your memory and the few not so nice you met will be a very small fragment.

It doesn’t get more fun than you do it.

At home or away. Same rule all around the world. If you haven’t tried to do fun things the fun things won’t come to you.

Material stuff isn’t everything

It helps but when living with your belongings fitted to a suitcase you realize that you don’t need an overflow of stuff. Keep it simple!

You can find adventures around the corner.

Something I really realized when the corona crisis hit me in March and I started to hike Sörmlandsleden. Beautiful nature just around the corner in Stockholm where I live.

Don’t plan everything in detail.

Relax. Everything doesn’t have to be planned down to the minute. That if anything is a source of stress for many, many people. Chill.

Save on your laundry

At home I wear my clothes once and then I wash them. Same rule doesn’t applies to me when traveling where I can for example where a tee first for sightseeing then for running. And guess what? I’m not feeling like a dirt bug.

It’s not many ways of doing things wrong.

Most ways of doing things are just different depending on surroundings, culture and values. Try to understand why things are done in a particular way but you don’t need to accept.

These are some lessons I learnt from travels. I am so eager to keep on exploring the world outside virus restrictions. Learn life lessons from all over the world and not in our national bubble or even lockdown bubble in my home. Although I like my apartment there is a world much bigger than that that offers so much and we can’t afford to sit locked into our homes to wait out the virus attack. I got more than enough now. I wanna keep on going with lifelong learnings from travels. Anyone else who is missing life lessons learnt from travels?

/ Pernilla the travel junkie



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