Visiting the Algarve coast

This trip was my first one at the Algarve coast in South of Portugal. I didn’t know what to expect but it felt like South of Spain. Not a big surprise though since it is so close by. One coastal village after another almost looking the same but still not. They all have their characteristics and that became obvious to me when I had been to some villages around Albufeira and then Lagos. During my week at the Algarve coast I decided to stay at two different places in order to not spend to much time packing and unpacking things. You could easily have spent a week at each place and not see the same thing twice but I prefer to do things I really, really like and not things that are so-so fun.

Lagos old town and how to get there

I really liked Lagos as a place to live in. It was cozy yet modern. The old city was charming and the new city felt modern. There was also a medium sized marina which I liked to stroll around in. The old town was touristic but didn’t bothered me. Although the same assortment of souvenirs are to be found everywhere in Europe with a local touch it was a nice place with good atmosphere since also locals was in the area.

In the old town all buildings where white. And to see these white buildings you can fly in to Faro airport and from there rent a car and drive approximately one hour or take the slow train which takes near to two hours but includes a scenic journey thorough local fresh produce villages. There are also busses coming from Faro airport and Lisbon as well as a train from Lisbon so if you don’t won’t to drive there are still transportation options.


What draw my attention to Lagos was the beaches. I did thought it was more surfers and waves there but it wasn’t. If you are looking for something else than calm waters you need to get to the Atlantic coast.

I really enjoyed the beaches though. At one side of the city center you had a long sandy beach where it was perfect to walk and the other side cozy caves with amazing nature.

I spent most of the hours during the day at the beaches. Not necessary sunbathing or going into the cold water but also reading books and enjoying the area. I think it is so relaxing just being at a beach. That feels like vacation if anything for me.


The area nearby the city did invite to outdoor activities. I was hiking almost every day either before breakfast or after at the peninsula. It was a perfect area for walking and you could go there for hours if you liked.

The area also offers hikes further away to the mountains but since I wanted to stay at the sea this was perfect.

Food & drinks

When it comes to food and drinks i would say that there aren’t any special eats and drinks here. Of course you can have Portuguese food but since that doesn’t fall within my food preferences I had other stuff. I have written a post about food at the Algarve coast if you are interested to read more. For an average dinner meal you would pay like 20 EUR inc. wine and 10 EUR for a snack lunch.

Where to stay?

There are all options for accommodation in Lagos. There is a campsite in the city center, then you find hotels, hostels and Airbnb’s and rental apartments. The choice is yours. I traveled solo here and since I prefer to met some people I booked a combined hotel and hostel so I could have my private room and toilet but still socialize. It was a great choice this time since many people from UK and Sweden was there to do their home office now in corona times so I met people to share stories with and still had privacy. If you are staying a longer time I would though suggest an apartment and rental car since after three to four days you seen literary everything.

Feeling tempted to visit Lagos or the Algarve region now? Or did I changed you view of the place? Maybe you already been? I had a good time I can say but I don’t feel the need for coming back since I seen it all.

/ Pernilla that had a good time in Lagos

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