Culture in Tallinn

The esthetic part of me screams yes when I come to a city that has a lot of beautiful streetart paintings. In Sweden it is not very common with arty paintings in walls outside so it is somewhat exotic to me. And what is exotic I like to explore.

When I started to see what Tallinn had to offer I noticed quite some buildings having fantastic street art paintings. I walked there to have a photo and started to look around more for it. One day when I was outside for a walk to Fotografiska I passed the old city. In there the amount of street art wasn’t massive but a few amateur painters had made some attempt to decorate walls. Well. Was that it? Maybe Estonia didn’t allowed street art and the fantastic painting I seen outside my hotel was an exception?

Urban chic area of Tallinn

No, the street art was there. Not everywhere but in the urban chic clubbing and art district of Tallinn near the central station. There. There you will find it. In the creative center of Tallinn called Telleskivi you will find loads of beautiful street art.

The area reminded me about a small Berlin. Old factory buildings that nowadays work as a center for creativity. The cloudy Sunday afternoon I spent in this area was great.

The paintings are of varied character. From fantastic to simple tags.

I have no idea why but somehow I have always loved to watch street art. I can barely paint myself so perhaps it is the talent of others that draws my attention to areas with street art around the world?

Fotografiska Tallinn

Anyway, after being inspired by outdoor art it started to rain and I went inside to Fotografiska Tallinn. The photo museum is quite new (est. 2019) but I love the museum in Stockholm so I wanted to visit the Estonian version.

When I visited there were three exhibitions. One futuristic, one about a mining community in Brazil and one American photographer that made photo montage. They all had good pictures but Honestly I have seen better although worth a tour if you are visiting Tallinn.

The museum also have a nice cafe and restaurant but I wasn’t trying out those this time. Instead I headed to a nearby place for food.

Anyway, I got a fair share of culture during my Tallinn trip.

/ Pernilla that explored the culture scene in Tallinn

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