Best of Tallinn

When you go to a new city do you ask people are kind you what you should see? I do. So pretend you would ask me “what should I see and do in Tallinn” and here I will tell you my digital reply.

The old city

Classic. But so worth it. I was there at the Christmas market before and it was lovely. Standing outside and drink glue wine. Watching Christmas trees and just having a good time. There are plenty of restaurants, nice buildings and history walks if you like. Must see and do place no one in Tallinn.

Enjoy the coastline

Tallinn’s coastline facing the Baltic Sea is a must. There is a small city beach and you find a perfect pavement for taking a walk, rollerblade ride, biking, or running. There are also athletic spots and swings from where you can enjoy the coastal scenery. Even evening walks I would recommend here.

Former Soviet memories

Pay some attention when you walk around and you will see buildings dating 50 years back in time making a time laps to the Soviet era. Or the old high rise hotel Virius where KGB had installed espionage equipment in each and every room. Many interesting stories from this time are hidden in the city’s history.

Visit a spa

Estonia is a spa capital of Europe and I would recommend a visit to one. I love going to spas and if you want to make it easy for yourself book a room at one of the nice hotels and you are just a few meters from one.

Beautiful parks

Who would have thought the city was filled up with beautiful parks all around? Not me. I visited many of these and saw the colorful leaves. My favorite ones were the medium sized Toom park with a very nice canal.

Coffee stops

While enjoying the city you should take a break and have a nice coffee at some point. There are cute cafes all over the city and one more cozy than the other. And don’t miss out to try the Estonian buns. My friend recommended to me and I pass on the recommendation.

Photo touring

Do you like taking photos? Then Tallinn is a perfect destination where you can walk around with your camera for hours and be creative. Just walk randomly or take a guided tour.

What else do should you do if you spend a weekend in Tallinn? Eat would be my suggestion but where to eat I will advise you on in a separate post that you find HERE.

/ Pernilla that fell in love with Tallinn


  1. Jogga skulle jag göra, det har jag gjort på alla ställen jag varit utomlands. Körde en 2,5 km runda i går, efter en sju månader lång hålsporre, så att röra på sig i Tallinn, det är en dröm! 😉

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