Efficient sightseeing in Pisa

During my trip to Italy I had not planned to visit Pisa and see the leaning tower, but as a worldwide recognized landmark it is still a “must see” so when a colleague told me it was possible to just jump of the train towards Florence to have a quick look I liked the idea a lot and followed her advice. Fast and efficient. Just the way I love to do things.

Leaning tower in Pisa

I went with an early train from La Spezia and one hour late I arrived in Pisa. So just before 8 am I arrived in Pisa and 30 minutes later I have had a morning walk through the city and could see the famous sight.


Leaning Tower of Pisa

And there it was. The leaning tower of Pisa. Felt good to see it up close and I liked it more IRL than I could imagine. Best time to get to busy sights are always in the morning and especially now in times of Corona you can avoid crowds which normally to me takes part of the fun away.


After the quick sightseeing tour I stopped by a cafe from where I worked the whole morning shift. Sometimes I like home office but can’t do it more than a day here and there. Miss my colleagues and discussing things face to face is way better than over the teams chat or teams meetings I think. Five hours in Pisa and pinned to my travel list.

/ Pernilla that had a quick sightseeing tour in Pisa

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