Traveling around the Amalfi coast

There are a lot of cute towns all along the Amalfi coast and although I would love to visit them all and look at their beauty I limit myself to just go to a few ones, really enjoy them instead on running through them all. That way I will have a reason to get back to eg. Ravello, Salerno and so on that I haven’t been to this time. I often do so when I fall in love with a place. This trip I stayed in Sorrento which is a great base to explore the area from. If you don’t have your own car, which I wouldn’t really recommend due to narrow streets and not that many possibilities to park you can take the SITA bus that runs every 30 minutes and jump on and off where you would like to. It was only 10EUR (Aug. 2020) for a day card and you could go wherever you liked.


I decided to stay in Sorrento since it is a good transportation hub for day trips to other destinations.  I can tell that I don’t regret my choice. The town itself was very beautiful and had everything you could wish for when it comes to natural beauty, cozy streets, views and great atmosphere. The beaches wasn’t great and for visiting the majority of them you need to enter a beach club which isn’t worth it if you just gonna stay a few hours. So I would recommend that book a hotel with pool if you plan to swim.

Amalfi coastimg_0702img_0722img_0719img_0746


This gem was beautiful as a fairy tale. Lovely small houses and small streets. I loved every step I took here and although I got sick on the one and a half hour bus ride along the coastal road it was worth it (you can also go by boat from Sorrento). The beach wasn’t that good here either but still possible to use for a swim.



Usually this town is overcrowded with tourists but due to Corona there was almost no people there. I loved it every second. My favorite among the bigger towns although touristic atmosphere. It had everything you could wish for and was 100% when it came to cuteness and Amalfi coastal atmosphere.


Fiordo di Fiore

On the way between Amalfi and Positano you find this “hidden” beach you can’t not stop by at. One of the most scenic beaches I been to in a long time. And no people there so I had it all for myself. I let the pictures speak for themselves.



Saving the best to the end? well, actually not. Capri was overrated I have to say. It was nice but seen better. Also the boat ride there cost around 40 EUR for a return ticket (2020 prices) which was crazy overpriced. It was of course very nice at Capri but crowded. And to my disappointment the scenic road was closed for maintenance. Been there, done that but if you leave something out, you don’t miss anything if not going to Capri.

img_1278-1img_1259img_1251-1img_1218-1Amalfi coastimg_1255

/ Pernilla that had a great time at the Amalfi coast


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