Exploring Fårö

There are really a lot of things to see and do at Gotland. I felt I wasn’t finished when I left after my trip in May and was really glad to be back in June. On my first trip over there I planned to visit the island of Fårö but never managed so better luck this time. We rented a car in Visby and drove the 50K up North. The scenery wasn’t magic but if you are into churches you could easily stop by at a few places and if you needed to cool down Tingstäde swamp is an ultimate stop for a swim.

At the Northern tip of the mainland you have Fårösund from where you take a ferry to Fårö. It leaves every 30 minutes and during peak season more frequently. We were lucky and just got onto one when we arrived. It was the first time I was driving myself to a car ferry. True moment of excitement.



Have you heard about the famous stones at Gotland? Rauks? They are very special and one of the signatures of this island so of course I wanted to check them out IRL. The nature surrounding them reminded me about Arizona. The vegetation was very low and dry. Quite unique place I have to say and of course a must visit if you are at Fårö. There are a few other nature reserves where you found rauks at Fårö so if you aren’t heading to Langhammar, Helgemannen and Gamelman are names to keep in mind.




Kutens bensin & Creperie Tati

Come hungry to Fårö. A visit to Kutens bensin & Creperie Tati is a must. If you don’t stay at the hostel you must go there to eat. This had the most delicious crepés outside of France I have tried and the atmosphere was fantastic.





Longing for white sandy beaches? I did and was very glad when we arrived to Sudersand in the North of Fårö and it showed off to be as great as the pictures showed. The sand was super soft and it reminded me about a beach far away from Sweden. Until I get into the water. That was ice cold but fresh. There is also a huge campsite nearby. The beaches at Fårö was said to be beautiful and this was really a gem.



Travel recommendations for Fårö

If you are biking spending two days on the island would be great since the distances are longer than you might think and who wanna rush? If you go by car one day is enough and you can without stress explore everything worth a visit. Now we didn’t went to the lighthouse but that was the only thing we missed out. I hope… My final advice about Fårö is; do not miss out if you head to Gotland.

/ Pernilla that just got back from Gotland


  1. Åh, finaste Fårö! Nu var det faktiskt ett par år sedan jag var där trots att jag är på Gotland varje sommar, tänker alltid att jag inte orkar spendera en halv dag med att stå i bilkö till färjan, haha! I år är det dock dags att åka tillbaka 🙂

    1. Ja verkligen jättefint. Oj, hade ingen aning om att det brukar vara sådana köer. Då kom vi verkligen lindrigt undan. Köre bara rakt på påväg dit och hemåt väntade vi max 10 min.

  2. Hey, nice tips. I’m planning to go to Gotland and Faro. Is the ferry to Faro is only for the car or people without cars can go on this as well

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