Guide to Vasastan

Welcome to the part of Stockholm where I live, Vasastan. It is time for me to give a digital tour around my neighbourhood so one day I brought my camera out for a walk to snap pictures of some of my favorite places in the city. First and foremost you have Odenplan. That is the center and transportation hub where you can get on the commuter train, subway or buses to most part of the city. Around that area you find street cafés and shops. Some local ones and some chain stores.


St Eriksplan

About 500 meters from Odenplan you find St Eriksplan. It is a very cozy part of the city and during summertime the street of Rörstrandsgatan becomes a walk way and the restaurants and cafés are moving outside. Here you need to stop by at one of the many outlets if you want to have a glimpse of the local life. Perfect place for peoplespotting.

Vasastan, Stockholm

Arts & culture

I would say that there are plenty of arts and culture institutions in this part of the city. There are several well known theaters like Itiman and museums like Sven-Harry’s museum of arts in Vasaparken and Bonniers art hall not far from there.  Sorry to say but I havn’t been to any of those places. You will also find the city library. That place I visit regular to borrow books. Even if you don’t look for any books it is worth a visit since the architecture is rather unique. The world famous author Astrid Lindgren that among other books wrote Pippi Longstocking had her home at Dalagatan 46. There you can go for a guided tour. I havn’t been but that is on my Stockholm bucketlist. She is one of my favorite writers.

Vasastan, Stockholm

Parks and nature

I would say that there are many parks and green places in this area. Some bigger than others. The largest one is Vasaparken where you find everything from salsa dancers, huge playgrounds and minigolf to soccer fields (ice skating in the winter) and training classes sharing the space with people out on picknic. It is like the Central park of Stockholm. If you are looking for a cozier place I would recommend a visit to Tegnerlunden and if you want to watch the sunset from above a visit to Vanadislunden. Also Observatorielunden (pictured in the header) is a good spot for city views or if you want to eat waffles at the cozy café.


Places to live

The postal code for the area starts with 113 and according to that 60 000 people lives in the area. It really feels like a city in the city. People here lives in apartments and there are almost zero private houses. Many apartments are from the late 19th and early 20th century. I love this style of apartments. If you are looking for a boutique hotel you find some here but also larger hotels.

Vasastan, Stockholm


Next to the library and at Odenplan you often find stalls selling fresh fruit and flowers. But that is not the end of it. In almost every corner you find a local flowershop. People in this part of the city must love to decorate at home.

Vasastan, Stockholm


I love streetart but unfortunately there aren’t many paintings in this part of the city. At Hagagatan you will though find the below beautiful one. I wish there was a street filled with streetart here like in many other big cities.



There are a lot and I mean a lot of good places to eat here. It is a true heaven for foodies to walk around in this part of the city. From luxuary restaurants to classic ones like Tennstopet, to vegan ones like Mahalo, sushi places like Itamae and Ki-Mama, food from North of Sweden at Knut, famous burger places like Flippin burgers, Vietnamese restaurants like Minh mat to cat cafés like Java whiskers and brunch places like Stockholm brunch club. Basically, you don’t need to be hungry here!

Vasastan, Stockholm

Vasastan, a place to live and enjoy

To sum up I would say that Vasastan is a part of the city where you find quality living and you can enjoy the best of what Stockholm has to offer just around the corner. It is a beautiful part of the city that even tourists will feel like a local in. In addition to everything else you find prestigious schools in this part of the city as well as many businesses. It is within walking distance from the city center and I am sure everyone will find something they like here. Have you been to Vasastan? if so, what was your absolute favorite thing to see or do?


/ Pernilla exploring various parts of Stockholm

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