Healthy eats in Bangkok

During travels (and at home) I like to try out various eateries. Last time in Bangkok I went to a lot of themed cafes and this time I have checked out healthy places. Everyone needs to refuel at some point during vacations and BKK is the home for food so although I like to browse around and eat at street markets I checked out some other places I can recommend aswell.


Healthy food in Bangkok

Looks pretty yummy don’t you think? Things like this avo toast you can get at Toby’s. Perfect spot for insta friendly breakfast dishes.

You find Toby’s at: Sukhumvit soi 38, no 75

Broccoli revolution

Healthy food in Bangkok

Do you want a place with nice interior and yummy food? Broccoli revolution is the place to head to. Quite a lot of people are also working from here while enjoying healthy and tasteful food.


I tried their smoothie bowl which was close to perfect. Loads of topping and a creamy base.

Healthy food in Bangkok

I had walked to another breakfast place, Brekkie, but when I got there I was as disappointed like the other ones there when a sign in the window said the place would be closed from27dec-4jan so I walked to Broccoli again. This time I picked the banana pancakes. They tasted soso, actually they were quite dry. On the other hand, the coffee tasted really good which is not always the case abroad.

You find Broccoli at: 899 Sukhumvit soi 49


Healthy food in Bangkok

Near the lushy park Benjasri I found this vegan place. It is well worth a visit if you are looking for healthy eats.

Healthy food in Bangkok

This was definitely the best smoothie bowl I had during this trip. Filled with tasteful ingredients and really filling.

Healthy food in Bangkok

Also, if you need a good spot to work from this place is perfect for that. Fast WiFi and spacious.

Healthy food in Bangkok

Since Veganerie became a favorite to mine I was lucky when I spotted one just when I had looked for a nice place to have dinner at for an hour. I had their vegan cheese burger with sweet potatoes and it was delicious.

You find the nearest one HERE

The coffee club

Healthy food in Bangkok

This is a chain of outlets around Bangkok but they serve good brunch. I tried their salmon smashed avocado and a cold pressed juice which both was delicious. I accidentally slept way longer than my plan so I went to a place nearby. But it was good and the staff was very kind. I could recommend it.

You find the nearest one HERE


Whats your favorite eats?

/ Pernilla that ate her way through Bangkok

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