Travel like a South American

A friend of mine once said that my planning is like a South American. That could actually be true. I don’t like to plan to much and if my “plan” doesn’t work out then I go for plan B, C or D.

From Stockholm to Lima

This vacation I booked tickets to South America. Machi Picchu was my ultimate goal and two days before I went for my trip I found a better route than I first thought of including a stop at Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic to get a few days of beach. Two days of sun, beach and pool life would make my trip completely but.. when I changed plane in Paris I didn’t manage to get on the Punta Cana flight so then I checked the departures board and thought well, let’s go to Lima instead. That flight was departing an hour later and those of you that been to Charles De Gaule knows it is not the smoothest airport for connections. But with some charm, a tough running session and a bit of luck I managed to get the last seat on the Lima flight.

Travel like a rockstar

While I stood in the boarding line I rebooked my other tickets so I had a full round trip. If you don’t have that it could be problems. Trust me, I have tried without two times without having a complete itinerary. One of the times was a total disaster. I was going to meet up some friends in Cambodia after I seen a friend in Japan and when I came to Narita they didn’t let me board the plane since I had no complete trip. My friends had to continue their trip and I felt like the loneliest person in the world. In all mess I contacted my parents that was on vacation in Malaysia and of course I was more than welcome to join their trip. So instead of doing backpacking I ended up at a luxury resort that time.

12.5 hours onboard at Air France Boeing 777 in monkey class was up next. It worked perfectly fine although I every time prefer going in C-class. I have master skills in sleeping during flights. I watched a few movies and ate food and drank delicious wine. AF really have great wines also in Econ.

One night in Lima

While arriving in Lima the immigration took forever. The line was above long and after 1,5 hours I got the stamp in my passport and could enter Peru. I got an Uber and went to the fairly nice hotel that I booked while standing in the immigration line.

I slept very well, woke up early and had a nice breakfast before I took an Uber back to the airport in the early morning hour. At 7:55 my flight to Cusco departed. I flew with Avianca and it was one of the most beautiful flights ever. During the hour I waited at Lima airport I arranged a hotel in Cusco and did some research.

Well, it worked out also this time. My South American planning style. Vacation for me is really when you just have an idea what to do and not plan to much or book on beforehand. What do you say?

/ Pernilla that ended up in Lima

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