Strolling around in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

One evening during my Hong Kong trip I went out on a walk. I been here so many times that I know the area at Hong Kong island and Kowloon island pretty good so no need for iPhone navi. Instead I used my phone to snap random pics capturing the everyday life. I really enjoy walking around randomly in big cities, be totally anonymous (actually sometimes I have ended up meeting someone I know) just beeing there and observe. To start with a bought a Tiramisu bubble tea to drink during my walk. There are a lot of bubble tea shops and the one I went to was called Rabbit Rabbit tea. A deaf man was serving me and shortly after I placed my order I got my tea.

Mid autumn festival


In Victoria park near Causeway bay there was a lantern festival to celebrate the mid autumn festival. A festival happening at the 15th day of the eight month of the Chinese calendar and which is celebrated with creative lanterns and mooncakes. The festival was small here in Hong Kong compared to Singapore but worth having a look at if you like local traditions. During the autumn festival it is also popular to eat mooncakes so if you havn’t tried those you should. Going local is part of traveling right?

Sporty people


For a city like Hong Kong where land is a scare resource I think it is fascinating how many sports grounds there are in the city. Suddenly when you walk there is a marked running area, a soccer pitch or a basketball field next to skyscrapers.

Causeway bay


My next stop was Causeway bay. Here you can really feel that you are in Asia. Neon lights are turning the night sky into day and there are thousands of people on the streets. High end brand stores are sharing the retail area with local small shops and street vendors. Cars, taxis, busses and trams are sharing the streets.


Shopping in Hong Kong isn’t that cheap, the price level are comparable to Scandinavia but still it is a must to walk around in Causeway bay to feel the big city vibe.

Local food shops


I wish I was a fan of local food shops but I am not. After living in Asia I tried several ones and I have my favorites. But just randomly walking into one and order something you cannot eat due to pickiness is nothing I do. Pancakes, bubble tea and fruit is what I order from these street vendors. Maybe one day my appetite change and I will eat real local food. Any brave readers out there?

Street vendors


If there is a shop, there must be a market or? still the streets in Hong Kong have several shops where you can buy magazines. Hong Kong doesn’t have a lot of street vendors but they have and luckily they are not pushing you to purchase.

Decorative learnings


Near Victoria park I found these fantastic stairs where the various Olympic Games were listed. One of my lifetime goals is to visit all cities that have been hosting the Olympics and after walking the stairs I concluded I am doing pretty good when it comes to summer olympics. I only have St Louis and Antwerp left. I love when basic things like a staircase is turned into something inspiration.

/ Pernilla that loves walking around in big cities (and small)


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