Best breakfast places in Stockholm

I have almost spent three weeks in a row in Stockholm. That is rather unusual for me and has been a challenge from myself to myself. Don’t misunderstand me, I like to be in Stockholm where I live but not to many days in a row. From time to time I like to spend weekends here but not too often. Now I am more than ready for a new travel season but when being at home I have checked out a few favorite breakfast spots that I would like to pass on if you feel for a well tasting start of the day.



This bakery chain have a lot of shops all over the city. Some of them you can eat breakfast or have a fika in, others you can buy food to bring. In my opinion Fabrique bake the best bread and have high quality fika items. If I recommend a place for baked goods this is it.


The café at Odenplan I really like. It is just a few hundred meters from my place and if I go for a morning yoga at SATS Odenplan I often pick up fresh bread from there. Can you think of a better start of a Saturday spent at home?

Pom & Flora


Pom & Flora have two outlets in Stockholm. One at Söder and one in Vasastan a few hundred meters from Odenplan in the direction towards KTH. I really love the food at the place but not the que to get in there. On weekends they open their doors at 9 am and if you don’t want to line up for half an hour or more. Be on time.

Best breakfast in Stockholm

The food is fresh and very tasteful. I really love the different bowls and oatmeals they serve. I don’t mind going there myself, bring my laptop and do admin there while eating. It is also a great place to go for a nice brunch with friends. The food is very photo friendly aswell so don’t forget your camera.



Mahalo is an expression for gratitude at Hawaii and features one of my favorite places on earth just a few hundred meters away from home. At this place you can get fresh and tasty bowls and foods to eat in or take out. During lunch hours you cannot bring your laptop so don’t plan to go there for getting your work done.

Best breakfast in Stockholm

Instead you can enjoy delicious bowls. You pick one base and one topping. Then the only disadvantage of the place will face you. The waiting time. It doesn’t matter when you go there, be prepared to wait. Wait. And wait. But the food is worth waiting for.

Café Pascal

Best breakfast in Stockholm

Café Pascal is said to be one of the best cafés in Stockholm and finally I went there. The place is basically located around the corner from where I live. Just to close to go to. But I had heard so many good things about it so I decided to go. And I didn’t got disappointed either.


The atmosphere when I went there a Saturday morning after a yoga class was calm. Everything was fresh and I ordered a coffee and yoghurt. They had a lot of baked stuff that looked good but I wasn’t hungry or felt for any sweets so I skipped that. It was a lot of space and many people were there just to grab breakfast or sitting down to work or study.

Best breakfast in Stockholm

I really liked the design. Simple and different settings depending on what the purpose of your visit is.

The service was also quick which I appreciate. Call me stressed but one thing that really makes me not coming back to places is slow service.

Favorite cafés in Stockholm around Odenplan

There are a lot of places around Odenplan where you can grab a nice breakfast. Another favorite of mine is Gast. It is a bit of an outsider but I really like it. Greasy spoon is another place that is good but not great. Food was okey and service wasn’t that good when I was there (November, 2020) but I might give it a second chance. Sthlm brunch club, that place is though fantastic if you like pancakes. But be aware of the long lines during the weekend so get there a weekday if possible. Do you have any great brunch places in Vasastan not to miss out?

/ Pernilla that like to go for brunches


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