Where to eat at Bali

Surf. Yoga. Beach. Or do just heading to Bali to escape your everyday life? When I am on vacation I like to eat nice food without spending to much time searching for it. My experience with Bali is that there is a lot of nice foods available all around the island the problem is just to get hungry so you have room to enjoy it. Here comes my very best recommendations (actually it was everything I ate during my six Bali days except one smoothie bowl breakfast at the hotel and the pizza at One Eighty) you shouldn’t miss out if you spend time at the East coast of Bali near Uluwatu. Ready?

Suka Espresso


The best breakfast smoothie bowl I ever had. And the coffee were delicious too. The Balinese people are good at coffee but a tasty cup cannot be found everywhere. This place is a true gem.


At the same place I also had a freak shake with caramel one day. How sweet doesn’t this chilling drink look?


I really, really liked this place so I kept on coming back like many other customers. One day I ordered a vegan burger which was extremely delicious.


On the fifth day I also went to Suka. Why not keep on coming back when you love a place? I had delicious pancakes for breakfast and I will keep on dreaming sweet dreams about this eating place.

The no name place

The no name place is where to head if you want a cozy setting and healthy eats. Here I stopped by for dinner and had a tuna poke bowl.

Drifter cafe and surf shop

I read about the Drifter cafe at many places so when I researched the best eats in the are so of course I had to check it out myself.

It was a really cozy setting in a garden and since I like to start the day with a smoothie bowl I ordered a cocoa one. It was huge and so filling I could not even finish it. The coffee were excellent.

Apart from being a cozy cafe Drifter is a surf shop aswell. Selling books, clothes and surf gear. A few people were also sitting there reading or working.

Bukit Cafe


A vegan burger that was my best burger ever after Shake Shacks shroom burger. It was served with French fries the sweet potato model. This place if definitely a place you shouldn’t miss out in Uluwatu.

Nalu bowls


When I was searching for a smoothie bowl at 3 pm they were hard to find. Most places was not serving breakfast items but I did after walking through almost the whole village in Padang Padang found one place. A bowl place in a cozy garden setting was serving bowls. They were though the most disappointing food I had during my trip. It didn’t tasted better than one I make at home. The surf inspired garden I liked though.

Anyone who got hungry now?

/ Pernilla that love Bali food

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