Spending a day in Narita

After a night flight from Scandinavia on my way to Tahiti I had a eight hour stop in Japan. Doing something more than staying at the airport was my plan and I am pretty familiar with Japan nowadays since I been there many times and traveled around the country I decided to take the subway to nearby Narita where I spent my first vacation day. In that cute city I been twice before. One time when I missed my flight and another time when I had a planned long stopover on my way to Honolulu. So welcome to Japan!

So Japan

Although Narita is a small city it captures Japan pretty well. The houses are small with bars and food places, beautiful gardens, traditional houses and vending machines. The Japanese lives their vending machines.

In Japan you can buy all kinds of drinks you can imagine from vending machines that are available in each and every corner.

The kids are so cute when they walk around in their school uniforms. Even though I was in Narita in a Saturday they went to school. Japan is really a country where education is top priority already from a young age.

Cookies. The Japanese loves cookies and sweets. Every time you meet with a Japanese make sure to bring a small gift. Cookies is a popular item to give as a gift so no wonder why there are cookie stores with local flavors all around.

Sake. Yet another traditional item from the island is their rice wine. You can find various qualities all around and make sure to try before leaving Japan.

Cherry blossom. I was pretty lucky that arrived just when the cherry blossom season started. It takes place from mid March until mid April and is a must see.

A walk in the park. What would a stop over be without a stretch of the legs? I revisited a very nice park Narita-San where I had a stroll.

And added a bit of cultural stuff to my short and effective visit to Japan. Naritasan Shinshoji temple was on the list. Also a place I visited before but then it was 35+ degrees warm.

And I spotted a traditional dressed girl and her boyfriend. I assume they were going to one of the many spring fest festive otherwise it is not a common sight that you find traditionally styled Japanese people. That is as likely as a Swedish traditional styled person would turn up in the city center. In other words – close to zero.

And if I would have been hungry for food I would have ordered my favorite Japanese noodles you can find to the left. I really like their plastic food displays since it is impossible for me as a non Japanese speaker to understand the menu which often comes only in Japanese.

After the successful day in Narita and a sneak peak of Japan I hope to get back soon. It has been quite many years since I been to Japan and I really do miss staying at Japanese guest houses, hiking and exploring the for me exotic society in Northern Japan where I not yet been. Have you ever been there? If so please share your best off recommendations. If you not yet been to Japan, or will have a stop over hope I gave you some Japan inspo.

/ Pernilla the Japan lover


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