Touristic parts of Paris

Before this december trip to Paris I been there maybe 10 times. Out of those I have avoided tourist stuff all times except my first one. My parents that are serious travelers, yes they still beat me in the number of countries visited, but it is a tight race had of course also done the touristy parts of Paris so we had no need or want to rush to the Louvre, climb the eiffel tower or check out one monument after another. So on Sunday when the yellow vested demonstrators was out of the streets we checked out the opposite site of river Saine. But first…

French breakfast

French breakfast

While in France, eat a baguett and croissant. We walked into a local place and had our brekkie. Although I prefer diary products for brekkie the baked bread tasted delicious and if the local breakfast doesn’t consist of beans, rice or eggs I am up for a try.

Champs Elysees


The day after the yellow vest protesters had left the streets there was a few things reminding about the struggling french society and how impopular Macron is among the French. I read that only 25% of the people are currently supporting him. Almost all stors along the world famous street Champs Elysees had been covered by plywood sheets that was now in the process of being removed. Several places were painted with anti Macron messages like “Macron Hara kriri” (hara kiri is when you cut open your stomach with a sword). Actually pretty interesting to see Paris yourself and not though the lens of the newspapers reporters. There we absolutely no reason to be scared though.

Why not be a tourist?

Sacre cour

We maximized the tourist in ourselves and walked though one sight after another. Sacre coeur, the majestic church on the top of the hill in one of my favorite neighborhood in Paris, Montmartre, Moulin Rouge and the department store La Fayette. The christmas tree inside there was a million dollar one. One more day of walking and it was nice to re-see these sights. We were standing at on the top of the hill at Sacre coeur for a while just looking out of Paris. I am so happy that they have not replaced the old buildings with skyscrapers in the inner city.

Rainbow in Paris

Just when we were about to leave a beautiful rainbow showed up. Now I got my dose of Paris for this time. Do you guys have any European cities that you are happy about returning to or do you aways hunt for new destinations?

/ Pernilla the globetrotter

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