Street art in Miami

If you followed my blog (and/or instagram) you probably know by know that I love street art. In Miami there is a former industrial area called Wynwood which in year 2000 attracted some investors which later turned the area into what now is a major place for street art, culture, shopping, restaurants, retail and micro breweries. This is a part of Miami (one of few actually) I never been to before this trip so I had to check it out. It was a great weekend to visit though since the first weekend every month there are special events with live music on the streets. I took an Uber there and…

Walls of Wynwood

completely loved it. It was a lot of great art and the neighborhood was pretty awesome. You could go for guided tours but I prefer finding info myself to save time and get the stories of my interest. Wikipedia could be my best friend in these cases.

Selection of art

Wynwood walls

Wynwood walls

Wynwood walls

Alternative art

The marketplace


Wynwood walls


Wynwood walls

And I was starving after a day at the beach so after checking out most food places, which was nothing I felt for I suddenly walked into Coyotaco. There I had the third quesadilla of this trip (one of my favorite foods) and this one was a ten star.

Who would like this place?

People that loves cool stuff. There were really people of all ages here and this is definitely a must do thing while in Miami. Have you been? Or does it sound like a place to add to your bucket list?

/ Pernilla that got a new favorite Miami place

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