A day in San Francisco

11 pm on Friday night my plane touched down at San Francisco international airport. I was more sleeping than awake at that point after 16 hours of traveling, but hey! I was in California ready for part one at my one week vacation. Three days before I had no clue I was going to SFO then it came to my mind it was a long time since I been here so I picked SFO instead of LA which I also had as an alternative.

Somehow I always get the exit row seat. Well, I am not complaining.

A Saturday in SFO

I took the BART to my hotel in the city center and since I slept quite good on the flight I decided to stay awake for an hour to be able to sleep until 8. when my alarm went off. And so I did. Woke up, had breakfast and took off towards a quite unplanned day.

Alamo square

I walked to the Painted ladies. The weather was awesome so I chilled at the Alamo square for almost two hours.

San Francisco

Alamo square is one of many parks in SFO and I really liked it. The last time I was in SFO I went to the Golden Gate Park and some other parks in the city. They were fab aswell but this one is more cozy making you feel like a local.

Fisherman’s wharf

My next stop was the super touristy Fisherman’s wharf where I picked up my race number for the Halfmarathon I was attending here this morning (race report will come). I love to run races during my travels so I googled races in SFO before I booked the trip and found out that Golden Gate Halfmarathon was taking place his weekend. A Halfmarathon over the bridge, could it be more iconic?

In-n-out burger

I heard so many people saying that I-n-out burger should serve fantastic burgers so when I passed by it just when I was about to look for a lunch place I decided to try. Well, I wasn’t impressed. The fries was disgusting and the burger soso. The waiting time was 45 minutes and it was not worth it. I read that my favorite burger place Shake Shack was going to open in SFO this fall but it has not happened yet.


To make the touristy day complete I checked out Pier39 as-well. Omg! The place was extremely crowded and filled with souvenir shops and all kind of junk food you can imagine. Not my kind of place since I already been there but a must see for first time visitors. I was actually heading there to look at the seals but I couldn’t find them. Are they not there anymore?

What more to do?

San Fran is filled with things to do. Both in the city and destinations that are perfect for day trips like Sausalito, Napa, beaches, the red wood forest, Samoa, Palo Alto and a lot of more places. The city center have a lot of more sights like Capitol Hill, China town, Japan town, sport games, whale watching, art museums, Alcatraz, hikes and beaches that are perfect spots to explore. And Resamedvet Linda just been here and went to a roller skate disco, how fantastic fun didn’t that sound? SFO is really a great city to visit if you want to combine a city trip with outdoor things. Now I just finished my second breakfast here and had an hour of relaxing after the marathon so let’s go, new adventures to come.

/ Pernilla that like SFO

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