Holland – the trip

This is the story about my trip to Holland last weekend. I did for once planned this trip very long ago, before the summer I think and that is not usual when it comes to my travel planning. I been to Holland more times than I can count so I didn’t made any efforts to make good pictures. Sorry about my laziness. Well, it all started with a long journey to Amsterdam. The day before I was going SAS sent an email saying that my flight was canceled and I had to travel through Copenhagen. I can think of more exciting things than sitting at the airport in Copenhagen a Friday evening and traveling 6 hours instead of 2 to Amsterdam. Luckily I have my Priority pass so I was waiting in the lounge eating way too many cookies and drinking wine for dinner. Finally I came to AMS and of course I missed the train to Utrecht with a milli second so I had to wait another 20 minutes. The last months the transportation have not been on my side. But after a long journey that could have taken me to New York in terms of time I was in Utrecht sitting at my friends couch catching up and sharing a bottle of wine. Wine


Jimmy Nelson

Photo art (and graffiti) is my cultural passion in life so when a colleague that I was going to run the marathon with on Sunday asked me if we should go and check out an exhibition I gladly joined. But then we came to the exhibition and it was the tiniest ever, just a handful of photos. But there was a great photo book so now I am looking forward to see the full scale exhibition at my favorite museum in Stockholm, Fotografiska.

Since we didn’t wanted to walk to much due to the upcoming marathon we tried out the public transportation. Of course we didn’t payed attention so we ended up in a suburb when we were going to met up with some other people for lunch in the city center. I was going for dinner in the evening so I had a coke and some candy.


I am not a huge fan of Amsterdam, to many tourists and the smell of wheed everywhere but I like the vibe. Citywise Utrecht is my favorite city in Holland so at 4 I took the train back to see my friend that had been renovating their new house during the day. Then we were off for dinner.

An evening in Utrecht

In Utrecht many restaurants have a great concept where you pick two main courses (or first) or both and you get a half portion of each. The place we went to this time was van Buuren, which I can recommend. Then we biked to the next stop.

Bar Utrecht

A birthday party. This is how you prepare for a marathon. It was a new bar, also really good one, The Streetfood club where a friend of my friend had the b-dayparty. Fab place that one aswell. Had some good cocktails and mingled before we biked home again and I got a few hours of sleep before the start of my 23rd marathon. If I could have prepared better? no.

Amsterdam marathon

The marathon is now history. One week ago I did a 42K sightseeing tour in Amsterdam and the full story you find HERE.

Bye bye Holland


After the marathon my it was time to fly back. Since I am out of transportation luck at the moment the flight was of course delayed so I had to botanize at my favorite store, Rituals at Schiphol and buy some creams that I don’t need. And just before midnight I was back home at my crib in Stockholm again after a great weekend in Holland.

That was my Holland trip simplified. Questions on that?

/ Pernilla that enjoy Holland trips

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