Stuck in Doha

Sometimes the reality does not turn out as planned and from my travels that is one of the most valuable knowledge I have learnt. I was on my way to Kathmandu to met up with a friend but before even entering the security at Arlanda my travel plan got screwed. I got an email from Finnair that my flight to Delhi was 2,5 hours late and with one hour connection in Delhi I understood it was not going to be possible to travel that route. So just to unpack my laptop and make new flight arrangements. I found a possible way with Qatar airways through Doha taking off five hours later and with arrival to Kathmandu five hours later so that was still okey. I spent the evening at Arlanda and slept through the flight to Doha.

How I ended up in Doha

Upon arrival at Doha I was about to pick up my next boarding pass but now the flight was overbooked by 5 and I was the 6th person in line. A short wait and of course everyone turned up to the flight and no seat for me. Damn. I had researched all options to get to Kathmandu through Istanbul, Bangkok, Hong Kong, KL but fully booked as well as the later flights that day. Well rules of the game. And I was like what to do now? It’s not that I will go home but where want I go on my vacation? I been missing Bangkok for quite long so that would be it. But first two days in Doha since I wanted to take a night flight. So this was the background of how I ended up in Doha.


I was in Doha last year in June for a weekend. At that time it was 42 degrees and Ramadan so I wanted to give it another chance. Now I got it out of nothing. The last time I stayed at Hilton which was a nice hotel so I picked a place at the other side of the city to see something different. The hotel was okey and had a good pool for swimming and a gym which I tried twice. Other than that less exciting place.


One of the best things in Doha is the corniche. The walkway at the water. I walked all the way from he Islamic art museum to the other end and back which took like 1,5 hours. A must do in the sunset.

Souq Waqif

What I love with Doha compared to Dubai it Abu Dhabi is that it is not so many tourists. Especially in the souk where there are more locals than tourists.

I spent my evening walking around there doing people watching and having a drink. Not alcohol though because that is only served at hotels.

Apart from eating, smoking Sisha or just walking around you can buy food and spices.

Muslamic museum of art

This centrally located piece of architecture is an art museum. And I watched it out. From inside to out. My last Doha visit I came after they closed but the inside was boring. Just a few bowls. Boring. The only thing worth going in for was to take nice pictures of the skyline and the aircon.

Doha sum up

Well it is not an unlimited amount of stuff to do in Doha but worth a stop if you are passing by. There are also a lot of nice rooftop bars and you can of course go out in the desert if you would like to. That is an unforgettable experience! And the up can go shopping. Mall of Qatar have just opened. A place worth stopping by so to say or go for an extended weekend if you already been to Dubai. Same-same but different. Have you been or do you wanna go?

/ Pernilla that enjoy Doha

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