Beach destinations at Zanzibar

Nungwi, Kendwa, Paje, Bwejuu all beach destinations at Zanzibar had difficult names for me to pronounce but after picture googling and reading about about Zanzibar beaches I decided to go to Paje to enjoy the sand. But first I started with a boat trip to Prison island just outside Stone Town.

Prison island and snorkling

45 minutes outside of Stone Town an island called Prison island is located. There you can walk around with giant tortoises and watch a prison that was never used. I invested 15USD in a half day tour to the island which also included snorkling.

Prison island

The water was turquoise and although I don’t like snorkling (afraid and not interested of fishes) I was doing it for a while after the island tour. And I didn’t got bitten by any single fish! The water was just perfect and I would strongly recommend this tour if you visit Stone Town.

Stone Town beach

In Stone Town there is a beach but the part good for swimming at was very small. It works for a dip but it is not a beach where you send the day at.

Stone Town beach

Paje, East coast of Zanzibar

But here, at Paje I promise that you will find great beaches like in all guide books. Long enough to spend an hour, or two to walk at and beautiful enough to take hundreds of pictures. But beware of high and low tide. I have never seen such a difference between high and low tide. In the morning you could walk one kilometer out in the water and still only have water to your knees. Fascinating! Zanzibar have a lot of coast and a lot of beaches but unfortunately you will find a lot of garbage there.

Zanzibar beach

Zanzibar beach

Zanzibar beach

Beaches of Zanzibar

Zanzibar is an island to where you go for having a beach vacation. The East coast consist of just beaches and small villages. Some more quiet than others. In Paje there are some bars but if you want a more lively place you should visit Nungwi (haven’t been but heard). I really liked the beaches of Zanzibar, they were not like Hawaii, Mexico or Seychelles but they were good. White sand of good quality and the water was very nice from time to time when you didn’t see all plastic and garbage. After exploring the beaches of Zanzibar I can sum it all up – been there – done that. This was also my last post about Zanzibar.

/ Pernilla the beachlover

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