Food in Zanzibar

I am not going to turn into a food blogger but I like to take pictures of food mainly because it is so colorful so why not making food stories out of them? Eat is something everyone needs to do and I am not that open to try local food in that sense I try local dishes but eating my favorite foods, smoothies, pizza, sushi, hamburger and breakfast the local way I do. What is your relation to food when you are abroad? Are you traveling places to eat or eat because you have to?

Eatables at Zanzibar

At Zanzibar the majority of people are Muslim so you could not buy alcohol everywhere. Instead you had to have coke or smoothies at the beach bars. If available. Because that an item was included in the menu didn’t automatically meant you could buy it. That happened to me several times. There were no banana. No mango. No this or that. Well, welcome to Africa!


The first day when I walked the streets of Stone Town I went into a narrow alley in a more local neighborhood and saw a guy making something. I stopped by and asked what he was making and he told me it was sugar cane juice. Then another local came and I had a chat with him and he convinced me to try. And guess what? I loved it.

Dinner places

I was craving for a burger one day so I first went to a hotel to have one but they had none so I found a random street place where I had a burger with African touch. Tasted not so much but I love going to small local places when I am on the road. Or chains.


My number one meal when it comes to favorite ones, breakfast. The colonial hotel I stayed at in Stone town didn’t only served a buffet with everything you could wish for but also a million dollar view.

Pizza night

In Bwejuu there were not a lot of restaurant and basically you were forced to eat at the hotel you stayed at. The atmosphere were awesome at my little place. Everyone who lives there became like a united travel group and since the restaurant was the only place to hang out at we were all there spending the two evenings I was there. The food was not good though but didn’t made that much sense since the company was great and they had a nice bar.

Food and travel

That was my food spotting at Zanzibar. Maybe I should have tried their fish but I only eat one meal of cooked food at the max every day so I didn’t had time for it. Do you have any good or bad food experiences from travels?

/ Pernilla that miss Zanzibar

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