My favorite cities in the US

I am such a big US lover. After being the 50 times I stopped counting. It kind of feels like my second home and I am constantly looking forward to my next trip over the Atlantic. This travel Tuesday I have listed my favorite US cities that I keep going back to.

Seattle, Washington state


Two times I been to Seattle and the last time I got a big crush at the city. It is simply perfect. I could live here. The mountains, the water, the laid-back pace and the hip areas makes Seattle a perfect place for urban citizens like I consider myself to be.

New York, New York state

New York

This is the city of cities. When I need some life inspo I love to go here. Spending a long weekend in the empire state of mind is my absolute best medicine when you need new energy or recharge your batteries. The tourist attractions I have done one by one long ago but sometimes I enjoy doing the classics anyway.

Miami, Florida


I been to Miami so many times I cannot count but there are still a lot of places to explore. If I need a perfect beach to run, do yoga at and just chill or do clubbing I pick Miami. I really love Florida and although the beaches are more beautiful at the West coast along the Mexican gulf I prefer the pace at the East coast of Florida. I hope my next Miami trip will be for Miami marathon in January.

Chicago, Illinois


It was almost a year ago I went to Chicago when I ran the marathon there. I been to Chicago a lot of times and also this is a place I love to get back to. It is such a beautiful city near lake Michigan. The city center has a perfect size, beaches are beautiful and you can find everything you also find in New York and other major US cities at a smaller area. Perfect city if you already been doing weekends in NYC.



Fifth and last US city that I love to spend time in is Boston. Well, I have a lot of favorite US cities but the East coast is not that difficult to get to from Europe for a long weekend and has a lot of offer therefore I have spent a lot of time there and fallen in love with many cities there. In Boston you find a lot of sports to watch, a great city center to walk in, Harward and other high quality universities as well as great places to go for a day or two if you wanna do some exploring in the area. I hope to get back to Boston soon to go to the archipelago. It is also a great place to have as a base for a roadtrip.

What are your favorite US cities you keep on coming back to? or are there some cities you never want to put your foot in again. Tell me.

/ Pernilla that love to travel to the US&A


  1. Åh nu fick jag också massa inspiration att skriva ett liknande inlägg med mina favoritställen i USA. Och oj så många gånger du varit där, fast det kan jag verkligen förstå. Det finns ju så otroligt mycket att se så känns inte som att man kan lessna så snabbt.

    PS: Chicago ligger i Illinois och inte Ohio 🙂

    1. Oh men tack för rättningen 🙂 vet inte vad jag tänkte på när jag skrev.

      Verkligen inte, skulle aldrig lessna på USA – hittar ju alltid nya platser att utforska varje gång när man prickat av något.

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