Food in Saigon

In every guidebook you read before going to Saigon it will turn out that food is a huge part of the lifestyle. When you get here everyone talks about food. I wonder if the Vietnamese is even more obsessed with their food than the Singaporeans? Anyway, eat is something everyone has to do and have experience about so it is an easy topic to have an opinion. You can really eat everywhere in this country. Now I want to share some food stories from what I have been eating the last couple of days. Hope you are not hungry.


Generally I think it is kind of difficult to find breakfast food in Asia so if I don’t have energy to find something else I have a frappe and coffee at Starbucks. Simple and you know what you get.

This time I tried the local creation of pistachios one day. It was pretty good.

The other day I had milk tea creme brûlée which was not that good. The bottom part was a bit strange.

The last morning I enjoyed a pitaya breakfast bowl at the hidden gem Poke Saigon that I found out about through insta research. An awesome place with great food!

Lunch and dinner

When I travel I always stick to eat a filling breakfast then doing some snacks during the day for having a dinner in the evening. Same story this trip.

The very first day I went to Poke Saigon for dinner and had the most memorial food of this trip, salad in a bowl. Instafriendly and delicious. Not so Vietnamese but…

Another day I suddenly walked by one of my favorite sushi chains, Sushi Tei when I looked for a dinner option so of course I went in. Had mango sushi, edamame and tako-yako bowls.

If I had Vietnamese food? Yes. During the trip to the Mekong delta we got served food from the Vietnamese kitchen. We got fish, omelette, rice, veggies and Vietnamese spring rolls. Everything tasted really great!

Food for foodies

Vietnam is really a good obsessed country. I never tried any food at the famous street food market but went in there to have a look. It seemed to be very tourist but even if I would like to try food from the street I am afraid of getting food poisoned so if I try to stick to somewhat more safe places when it comes to food decisions when I travel. Up until now my strategy have worked because for me the excitement of trying a local meal is not with being sick although you of course also can be that at a “safer” place. What do you like to eat when you are traveling? Are you going all in on local foods, stick to chains or mix it up.

/Pernilla exploring the food in Vietnam

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