Greetings from Saigon

It all started with a decision dilemma – where to go for a four days vacation and ended with success. Saigon has been on my travel list ever since I was a little girl. I was maybe 10 years old when I saw the travel show “När och Fjärran” and one of the hosts were traveling the colorful streets by cyclo and that place I decided I wanted to visit at some point. 14 hours after I left Stockholm I arrived in Vietnam for the second time in my life and first in the South.

It is the rain season now but I have only seen 30 minutes of rain in four days. And the raindrops fell down when I was eating. The first day I spent by the pool and waking around in the city center enjoying just to be in Asia. I did of course checked out the Notre Dame church. Same same but different from the one in France.

Day 2

I went for an excursion that had been on my bucket list for years. A visit to the Cu Chi tunnels. And it was fab.

Back in the hustle and bustle again I had a drink and enjoyed the sunset from one of the many rooftop bars.

Day 3

Yet another early morning and a full excursion day to the Mekong delta. It was quite a lot of fun but the boat ride itself was a bit too short for my taste.

Day 4

A day in the city which I started with a run along the waters. Then I headed to the war museum to get a history lecture. After that I have now passed by several sights in the city and also checked out the famous Ben Than market. Now I am just going to visit the pool for the very last time before it is time to board the flight to Stockholm.

I am so gonna miss this city but I don’t think I will be back. It feels like a one time visit place. It was a truly great trip and if you want to explore the real Asia like Bangkok 20 years back in time this is the place to go.

/ Pernilla that will miss Saigon


  1. Härligt! För mig som aldrig varit så långt bort i Asien så låter ju det här som en perfekt långweekend! Intressant med krigsmuseum också men tunnlarna vete fan, lider av liten men ändå cellskräck. Hade nästan problem med en krigstunnel i Belgien förra sommaren…

    1. Mycket härligt! Asien is the shit alltså. Har också liten cellskräck men bet ihop och tänkte att hit kommer jag aldrig igen så let’s do it.

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