What to do in Smögen

A tiny little island at the Swedish West Coast with 2000 inhabitants and thousands of tourists everyday at the peak season. Is there really anything to do there? Yes. I have a tendency to get easily bored but although it is a very small island there is a lot to do. Here I am listing my top things to do.



You can’t go to Smögen without having a stoll at the famous Smögenbryggan. It is about 700 meters long and during the middle of the day it is very crowded. But it is a great spot for people watching and going to the cozy shops and buy local things. Or if you are up for running go there 8:30-9 in the morning and you will have the place for yourself.

Eat seafood

Buy some crazy expensive but famous and tasteful seafood from one of the stores at the fish market. I guarantee that you never have had any better crayfish than the just cooked ones. One summer I actually worked at one of the seafood places which was quite a lot of fun.

Cliff hiking

Cliff hiking

I love being outdoors and hiking is a favorite of mine. Especially on cliffs. I actually prefer doing it during the autumn when it is rainy and windy and you can see the waves. The smell of the ocean and the salty wind that makes you feel all salty is unbeatable. My best hike starts when you leave Smögenbryggan then you just keep on going under the bridge and continue to a trail called “Hästen” form where you could walk to Makrillviken and further over the cliffs all the way to ICA Ankaret nearby the bridge if you would like to.



From the fish market you can spot a light house at one island. That is Hållö. A must visit if you are at Smögen. If you don’t have your own boat you can buy a ticket with Hållöfärjan and you will have a great day. Just remember to bring your own food and protection from the sun. Check out Liniztravel if you want to read more about this jewel.


One more outdoor adventure you need to try. That is hiking or running the trail at Sandö which is located nearby ICA Ankaret at the bridge. It is a 2K walk out to the end and it is one of my favorite running routes in the world. The view is unbeatable and worth taking a break when you reach the end just to enjoy the view and quietness.

Sunset watching


Sunsets. I am a big fan of sunsets and either having some food and drinks at the cliffs, take a swim or just watching the sun going down over the water is a must do while you are at Smögen. My favorite location for sunset watching is at Hasselösund where you get a lot of great views.

What else?

Didn’t I said you can do loads of things at Smögen? in addition to what I just mentioned you can go on fishing tours, take a boat tour in Sotekanalen, go sailing, climbing, play minigolf, visit the famous bars, eat pastries at Skäret, kayaking, go fishing, and of course go swimming. Just remember that if you want to bring your own alcohol, the closest Systembolag is located in Kungshamn. Any questions on Smögen? I am sure I can answer most of them. The small cute island is my second home or by heart my first.

/ Pernilla that already look forward to the next Smögen visit


  1. I never been to Smögen – but sure looks lovely. I love the west coast of Sweden, the cliffs, the waves, the smell of salt water ❤ I need to book a trip there, thanks for the tips on good places for running! 🙂

  2. Ja jäklar vilka fantastiska foton 😉 Fick vandra tillbaka en lång väg för att finna en referens i området. Har rötter på min mors sida i Lysekil och det är nog så nära Smögen jag kan komma tror jag. Min mormor föddes 1915 och dog redan 1946 i den tidens farsot TBC. Minns en resa i min barndom då jag bl.a. besökte Lysekils kyrka!

    1. Tack! enkelt att fota när det är fina ställen. Lysekil är också riktigt nice tycker jag. Men Smögen och Bohus Malmön (en annan liten ö) är mina favoriter på Västkusten.

  3. Äh, västkusten! Har väl inte varit överdrivet mycket i just Smögen men väl Bohus Malmön och så klart Lysekil där min morbror bodde. Älskade, och älskar, klipplandskapet

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