Visiting Melbourne

During my first visit in Melbourne I remember that both me and my travel buddy agreed upon that there is not a lot to do in Melbourne. Ten years later I was back and Melbourne has grown a bit. Still not a lot to do (!) if someone has a definition of a lot (!) but during the six days I walked the streets of MEL I never felt bored. There were more things to see and do than what I did but let me sum up the highlights from my visit. Hopefully it could be of inspiration if you ever go there.

Southbank promenade


To stroll alongside the Yarra river is a very pleasant activity in Melbourne. If you like doing people watching this is the place to be. Both tourists and locals flock around this area and if you are up for running – do it. The riverwalk fits everyone.

Arbory afloat

Arbory afloat

The Arbory Afloat did right at the moment I entered the place became my favorite outdoor lounge/bar in Melbourne. Located right at the river with great views and vibes it is the place to go for a cocktail or some food.

St Kilda beach

St Kilda

Not the best beach beach wise but for being a city beach this place is lovely. One day I ran from the city to the beach and the other day I took the 30 minutes tram ride. It is a perfect spot if you want to watch the sunset or just spend the day near the waters. Very relaxed atmosphere and loads of good restaurants and beach bars. And one amusement park if you are up for that.

Eureka skytower

Eureka skytower

What beats the view from above? checking out the highest building in the Southern hemisphere, Eureka tower reaching a hight of 297,3meters. It is the 15th highest residential building in the world and luckily they had a bar up there aswell that we of course visited for some wine. With a view. Magic place to watch the sunset at if you are a sunset lover. If you like to climb stairs there is an annual climbing event to climb the 1642 steps up to the top. The record holder has done it in 7 minutes, would you take on the challenge to beat it? or just doing it. I would not.

Queen Victoria market

Queen Victoria market

Can sound like a typical tourist attraction and it sort of is but worth a visit though. Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne is a great place to go for dinner on Wednesday evenings. There are loads of food vendors but it was kind of huge and when we went there we were very hungry and craved seafood but of course we could not find any before we already had eaten. Well, we had a fun evening hanging out at the market drinking sangria and chilling.

Street art


A new travel must see while I am on the road is to check out street art. Melbourne had some exciting lanes in the inner city nearby the central station where you for instance could find the above Lady and the Tramp artwork. I wish I also were at least a little bit good at painting.

That was some of my Melbourne highlights, hope I didn’t missed out any must see or does. In total I liked Melbourne more than I thought and would not mind going back again although the journey there is rather long. Have you been to Melbourne or have you had plans to go there?

/ Pernilla in post Australia mode


    1. Haha! Have fun 🙂 jag hade dött, orkar knappt gå upp de fem våningarna hemma 🙂

  1. Wow,vilket inlägg! Vet inte riktigt vad jag ska kommentera. Mot bakgrund av att jag för några år sedan hade ganska svårt att förstå mig på och gilla bloggen din 😉 så är den begriplig och fantastisk nu: skyskraporna, bästa sportdrycken 😉 och allt annat!

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