Hong Kong

There are few places in the world that amazes me as much as Hong Kong do. People around me are probably tired of hearing me say that HKG is the very best place. I left that place just a few weeks ago and I wouldn’t mind going back straight away if I could. It is the perfect mix of Asia, Europe and US. Nature and city. Fashion and old fashion. It is located at the sea. Everything is efficient. The food is available everywhere and you can get whatever you like to. You can find beaches. You can hike. You can visit sights. You can go to great rooftop bars. You can do everything. So let me now guide you to how you can make the most out of 24 hours in HKG. I have previously been written quite some posts about HKG so if you wanna read more about HKG sight or running in HKG just search my blog.

Wakeup call


One of my big passions in life is to visit swimming pools. When I search for hotels the pool is my number one criteria and the second one is a good gym. The rest is less important to me. This time I stayed in the North Territories in HKG. An area I never been to during my previous 10+(?) HKG visits and I really liked it. Anyway, my 24 hours of HKG starts ideally with a session at the gym followed by hanging out in the pool.


Le Pain Quotadien

Then I set off for lunch. Le Pain Quotadien at Hong Kong island is my number one choice. Has been so since they opened. They have a great outdoor seating area and the best brunch food all categories if you ask me.

Hong Kong Island


Streetart is a big passion of mine and I love just walking around checking out local artists. In HKG you can find quite a lot of fantastic street art near LKF district.

Walking Hong Kong island


Then I love to just walk around enjoying being in HKG. The walk alongside Victoria harbor is great to just stroll over and if you feel to continue walking further you get into one shopping district. But I was not in shopping mode so I took the Star ferry back to Tsim Sha Tsui and went back to the North.

10 000 buddhas

10 000 buddhas

I took the subway back to the North of HKG to check out the sight that has been so hyped among my colleagues, 10 000 buddhas. I was rather excited myself and oh yes, this was worth visiting. I very nice temple although I seen more than I can remember in my life.

Mong Kok


Then I went back to the hotel again for yet another round in the pool before heading back to the city. Mong Kok feels more Chinese than Hong Kong island and I like the crazy vibe there. They also serve my favorite streetfood so of course I stopped by for it as dinner before going back to Hong Kong island for an evening evening event with drinks and DJs. The only downside I saw with living further away from the city center was that the public transport did not operate the whole night. Either you had to go back around midnight or doing a full night out until 5 am if you didn’t wanted to spend a fortune on taking a cab.

Hong Kong sum-up

This was just an example of how to spend one day in Hong Kong. There are tons of other things to do and see and I promise to write a post about street art in HKG so you know where to go if you want to see some great pieces of outdoor art. If there are some more highlights of Hong Kong you would like me to share, shoot! To be honest, I am already looking forward to my next HKG trip, I need to go there once more before 2018 is over.

/ Pernilla in HGK travel mode


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