Atlanta, Georgia – what to do?

Atlanta, Georgia. Have you ever thought about going there? I have done so for quite a few years. Many people have questioned that but for US lovers it is no question. All states has to be visited. After spending a weekend in Georgia I have now been to more than 50% of the states. I think that America is a fantastic country to travel around in. There are so many things to explore. Stopping by Atlanta for one day is a good choice.


Warm up for the day

I really like to take my running shoes and explore the city in them but here I would rather go for the hotel gym followed by a great breakfast. The running options in the city center is not that fascinating and there is a lot of people living on the streets and other weirdos walking around so it is not really safe to go for a run before the city has woken up. If you feel for running while in Atlanta, you are advised to take part in one of the many races instead. Myself I went for the Atlanta marathon. Race report from the marathon you can find HERE.


World of Coca Cola

This was one of the two main reasons why I wanted to come to Atlanta. Not that I am a big Coca Cola fan, but I am interested in big companies and also getting to know how the worlds most famous drink is made in it is hometown was one of the bullet points at my travel bucketlist. So how was the Coca Cola museum? Exciting. I think it is the longest time I ever spent in a museum. You could watch movies, touch things, explore, see the production and of course end the tour by tasting different products made by the Coca Cola company from around the world. Both me and my travel partner agreed this museum was a role model in the category.

World of Coca Cola

Chilling in the Olympic park

Do you remember that in 1996 the Olympic games were held in Atlanta? I do. That summer I was stacked in front of the TV in my grandma’s house at Smögen. Watching the Olympics like there were no tomorrow. The canoeing, the soccer and the handball (men 2nd place) performances of the Swedish teams I still remember. The park is centrally located next to the Coca Cola museum and since the weather was warm and sunny apart from taking a walk around the park it is a great place to relax at. We spent the whole afternoon relaxing in the park and honestly, that was the only relaxing time during the week we spent in the US&A this trip.


Rooftop bar

To eat out on a Saturday evening in Atlanta cannot be done spontaneously. When we got hungry around 6-7 pm we felt for sushi but of course the waiting time were hours for a table, so we went to Hard Rock Café and several other places but same story everywhere. You have to wait. After putting our charm on we got to have some bites of sushi sitting in the bar at one place but the food was soso. What we found better was the post dinner drink. We headed up to the top of The Sun Dial Restaurant at the Westin hotel to check out the view and have some cocktails. A place I highly recommend if your path ever cross by Atlanta.


What else to do in Atlanta?

There was actually not that much to do in Atlanta. For covering the city sights one day is enough. You can of course watch sports which always is a great idea if you are in the US. In Atlanta soccer is a big thing. If you would like to go shopping you need to head out to the suburbs since the city center does not offer that possibility. And if you are up for rollercoasters, Six flags has an amusement park in Atlanta that I would have loved to try out if I havn’t already been to Busch Gardens in Tampa the day before.

/ Pernilla that now has experienced Atlanta


  1. Verkar som en intressant plats att besöka. Har själv aldrig varit där men vi har som mål att göra ett par roadtrips söderut, så kanske blir ett kort stopp där. Ja oftast är det väntetid på de flesta restaurangerna, men vi brukar antingen fråga om det finns plats i baren, så kan man äta där, eller så väntar vi, men går till någon bar i närheten och tar en öl eller drink medan vi väntar, och sedan går vi tillbaka. Vi brukar säga, jaha ok, men vi går till den här baren och kommer tillbaka om X minuter då. Underlättar ju förstås om man har telefon som de kan smsa till när bordet är färdigt.

    1. Vad smart att säga att de ska höra av sig när bordet är färdigt. Har aldrig tänkt på det 🙂

  2. Atlanta is many different things, a lot not in the city. It’s kind of like LA in that sense- very spread out. You have to drive to see things like old town Roswell, the Chattahoochee river, Buckhead (the Beverly Hills of ATL), the north Georgia mountains, etc. Closer to town there’s the High Museum, Piedmont Park, the Beltline, Ponce City Market, Little Five Points, Virginia Highlands….

    1. I understand. Next time with a car. Wanna see more of Georgia and the Southern states but the main reason this time to go was for the marathon.

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