Travel hacks – making the life as a travel easier

One year ago I shared a few travel hacks. One year later I would like to share some more travel hacks that helps me out when I am on the road.


Bring a notebook

When you travel you always have your phone right? but what is also useful to bring is a notebook. How many interesting things don’t you actually hear and think, this I will remember and then it is suddenly gone when you are home. Or thoughts that you get of various things. Have a book and pen ready and you will clear your mind to put other things there.

Always carry a battery pack

It is easy to forget and I do it often myself, but a battery pack is extremely useful when you travel. Don’t forget!


I know a lot of people like to watch animals on their trips but taking home free passengers is not the dream for many. So especially if you have visited a country with loads of insects I always take out and shake out my clothes and my bag before I repack my stuff. Hopefully it eliminates the the risk that a cockroach or spider will crawl out at home at the hallway when unpacking the vacation bag.

Travel hack


When you get home, how boring isn’t it to unpack the bag of stuff? at least I think it is. My best trick to solve this is to do it the very first thing you do when you get home. Open your bag, put all clothes into the laundry (even unused ones, can always be bugs or insects that came with you – so better be safe than sorry) and put your bag outside to dust off.

Sealable plastic bags

The small bags that you get before the security check at airports can be the most usable bags ever when traveling so a great recommendation is to always carry a few extra. You can purchase them at IKEA for almost nothing and for example if your swimwear has not dried up completely before heading home – put them in there, if you have a bag of snacks that you don’t want to have all over your other stuff in your hand luggage – put them in there or if you travel to different countries at your trip, store the money from each country in separate bags. Useful, smart and time saving.

Travel hack

That was a few of mine hacks that make the travel easier at least for me. Do you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share?

/ Pernilla that like to optimize her travel


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