Traveling with Austrian airlines

Picking an airline to fly with is not always easy. If you been flying quite a few times you have probably tried out a few airlines and got a preference of what you like and what to expect during a flight. During my last trip I had not that many options when I went to Seychelles for a long weekend going from Arlanda. The choice of carrier was between Qatar airways (too long transfer time), Emirates (fully booked), Turkish (did not flew on Wednesdays), Ethiopian (didn’t wanna transfer in Addis Abeba this time) and Etihad (didn’t wanted to make two transfers) so the last one standing in the aviation battle of who was going to transport me to Seychelles was Austrian airlines. Since I love to make reviews I want to share my experience from Austrian airlines that took me from Stockholm, Arlanda to the paradise island of Seychelles.

Austrian airlines

Short haul flight: Arlanda to Vienna, Embraer 195

The quite small Embraer 195 that left Arlanda at Wednesday evening towards Vienna is a quite small aircraft reminding with a seating config of 2-2. I was lucky to get a window seat but less lucky to get a non-stop crying baby at the other side of the aisle during the two hour flight. I really feel bad for parents traveling with small children that are inconsolable. The flight attendants working at Austrian are easy to recognize, they are all red. From top to toe. Personally I think their planes looks a bit boring and my impression of the company is also relating to their brand image, it feels just plain and boring and therefore I do not see them as a preferred airline although all flights I did with them has been good. Not great but good. This one was not an exception.

Austrian airlines

The seat was comfortable. Leather seat with plenty of legroom. No wifi, no place to charge your phone but good.

Austrian airlines

You got a snack and wine. It was around dinner time and I had not been eating so I was a bit hungry but the pretzels worked perfect to cure the immediate hunger before my stop in the lounge for more snack and then the real dinner at the long haul flight.

Austrian airlines

Two hours after departure in light snow fall our plane landed at an apron position and we got to leave he aircraft by bus to the main terminal. In total the flight from Stockholm to Vienna was just another flight. No wow experience but nothing that made me as a customer disappointed either.

Long haul flight: Vienna to Seychelles, Boeing 767

It was ages since I borded a Boeing 767. Guess the last time was when I flew with Austrian to Mauritius a few years ago, but when I board a 767 I think of SAS old Stockholm to Newark plane. At that time I saw it as a huge plane but now, small. Preferences change. With a config of 2-3(4)-2 in economy class the plane feel quite spacious.

Austrian airlines

The business class was fully booked so I was happy to get the last row all by myself this time. Either I like to sit in the front or the back. Three seats are perfect if you want a good nights sleep and that I really had on my way over to the Seychelles although it was a very bumpy ride.

Austrian airlines

We got some nice dinner. Pasta. Nice in this category refers to what is nice at 30 000 feet. But in general one thing I really like with Austrian is their catering company Do&co. They are the best on inflight food. In Austrian business class they serve really stylish signature coffee drinks as desert. That is the most extra you get at an Austrian flight but it is a good extra I think.

Austrian airlines

The IFE assortment were also okey. Not best ever but there were some movies that I could think of watching and I picked one that I liked. No wifi on this long haul flight either but that is actually nothing I miss when I am in the air. It is nice to just be without being connected all the time. 8,5 hours after departure, a good nights sleep and a breakfast later we arrived at Seychelles airport. I was not tired at all and really, really happy to be back at the fantastic little island. I will of course share my experiences and travel stories from my stay so make sure to follow my blog at my Facebook page (LINK: or check back here to not miss out anything.

Austrian airlines

Have you had any experience with Austrian? what was your impression? an airline you gladly choose or just pick to get from point A to point B? If you like to read more airline reviews, please check out my category labeled “Airlines” and you will find some in a constantly growing category.

/ Pernilla that like reviewing airlines


  1. Aldrig flugit med dem men precis som alla andra bolag jag inte flugit med (nåväl, inte precis alla) står ju på att-flyga-med-listan. Fast kan väl inte påstå att jag kände någon direkt rusning efter Austrian efter det här inlägget.

    1. Nej du behöver inte känna att du missat något men klart man måste undersöka ändå och bilda sig sin egen uppfattning.

  2. Jag åker gärna med Austrian till Paradisön! För 20 år sedan var SAS Good. Litteratur: Good To GREAT (Collins 2001). P.S. Du ser väldigt stark ut på fotot! D.S.

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