How do you dare to travel solo?

That question is not uncommon if you are female and want to do your own thing. Well, people live all over the world. Everyone is not married, have a partner or do things together all the time. And they all survive being solo in at a place. So rather than thinking to much I just go with the flow when I travel myself – thinking how hard can it be?

But there is still a whole list of places in the world that I would not recommend to travel solo to but there are a lots of places that are perfect to discover yourself. Here I have listed some of them and hopefully they can help you out if you are thinking of traveling alone.

Paris, France

Could easily been seen as the place for couples to go on a weekend but think twice before you put Paris under that label. Have you ever thought how big Paris is and how many people that actually live there by themselves? Thought so. You will definitely not feel alone in this big and fantastic city filled with things to see and do. Paris is one of my favorite cities worldwide and I been there loads of times. Mostly with friends or seeing friends living there but one time I was there myself and I really enjoyed it because then I could do exactly what I felt for without compromising. Of course you can visit museums and tourist attractions but I prefer the non touristy part of Paris. Like running in the Boulougne forest, walking at river Saine, visit the small coffee places in parts of the city where the locals have their morning coffee and going to local markets. Paris is an easy city to travel to if you are a first time solo traveler.

Solo traveler

Beijing, China

My very first trip I did myself was to Beijing in China. At that time I was an exchange student in Korea and my fellows were not the kind of people I would like to go travel with so I did it myself since I couldn’t leave nearby Seoul without a visit to Beijing. Thanks to that I traveled so much in my whole life I felt comfortable even though I spoke zero words in Chinese. I went to Beijing for four days and enjoyed the city a lot. This was in 2008 when there were no Iphones or wifi all around us so you had to do your research on beforehand or bring the travel bible, Lonley planet. I remember that I walked around with my LP going to one sight after another, stayed at a hostel (recommend that if you don’t wanna hang out all by yourself if you travel solo) and had a really good time. Beijing is a fantastic city where loads of things to see and do and if you considering spending a week of your own this a great spot.

Solo traveler

New Zealand

Don’t blame me that I love the far away places but NZ is the very perfect place for solo travelers. There are so many of them all around the country, it is easy to get along with, most people traveling have the same interests in outdoors and adventures. I been there two times. One time doing luxury backpacking with a friend and one time myself. I seen both the North and South island and it is fantastic. But don’t expect to go for a fancy trip. It is backpacking style you should do in order to get the real kiwi experience. My very best recommendation when traveling to NZ is to stay at hostels and socialize.

Solo travel

Singapore, Singapore

I used to live in Singapore when I was a student and perhaps therefore it feels a bit like a second home to me but when I was there (and when I been after that) I met so many solo travelers in this city. It is one of my favorite cities in the world, it is far from Europe but traveling solo in Singapore is really, really easy. They speak English, there are lots of things to see and do, it is easy to get around with the MRT and if you have not been to Asia before it a light version of it. People in Singapore are very individualistic but helpful if you ask them.

Solo traveler


Indonesia is a safe, diverse and fantastic country for solo travelers. It is easy to get around, it is not expensive at all and stunning beaches and adventures are everywhere. I been there quite a few times and favorites of mine include Lombok and the Gili islands. Bali is great aswell but too touristy in my opinion. People are also very friendly and welcoming so being there with yourself is not a problem although you of course always should watch out.

Solo travel

Have you ever traveled solo? did you liked it or not? On the topic of traveling solo I have written some hands-on tips that you can check out HERE. If you wanna have more inspo on the topic, check out my travel mate and solo female travel Readyfortakeoff.

/ Pernilla in travelmode

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  1. Bland mina huvudgrupper i livet: utbildning, idrott, musik aktiv, arbete och övrigt/privat, tror jag ingen av alla utomlandsresor är helt solo från start till mål. Den privata delen är i sammanhanget den minsta (utbildning undantaget – passerade inte gränsen), två resor till USA med en nära släkting. Dessa var verkligen oförglömliga, men om jag i skrivande stund hade varit på väg till landet i väster hade jag valt att åka själv. Framtida idrottsrelaterade resor, för att träna, skulle jag göra själv eller med någon annan som är helgjutet kunnig och erfaren. I fallet prestera, t.ex. marathon eller ULTRA skulle jag planera och genomföra allt själv. Övriga resor skulle jag vilja göra solo eller gärna tillsammans med någon som inte är ett blåbär 😉

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