Iceland event

I say as my fellow blogger colleague Jeanette, blogging has opened a lot of doors to things that would never been open otherwise. Last week I got invited to a breakfast event with Promote Iceland which I of course couldn’t not go to. Even though it rained nonstop when I visited the island in the North Atlantic sea I only have great memories from the country. That time I was running the 10K race at Iceland Marathon and went to the Blue Lagoon. Things I would love to repeat and also I want to explore more of the Iceland. Dryden was there last fall doing a roadtrip and I would love to do a copy paste with my own touch on that see more stunning views, glaciers and waterfalls. But one Thursday in January Iceland came to Sweden and I was there. It was a breakfast event held at Nio Rum in central Stockholm and guess what? it started with a yummi breakfast.

Inspired by Iceland

Keynote speakers

After that there were a full agenda with loads of inspiring talks. The first one was held by not just a random person from Iceland but Eliza Reid. She is a Canadian lady that moved to Iceland in 2003 working as a freelancer now serving as the First Lady. It’s not every Thursday you eat breakfast with the presidium of a country. If that was not enough Eliza had her husband and Icelandic president, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson with her side by side. Eliza Reid recently been appointed as a UN ambassador for sustainable tourism which is a key focus item when Iceland promote themselves as a destination for tourists. I really understand that because the nature at Iceland is unique and attracts a lot of tourist so it definitley has to be taken care of.

Promote Iceland


I guess we all have the Icelandic volcano outbreak in 2010 in mind when we think about volcanos and Iceland. The outbreak that grounded aircrafts and passengers around the Northern hemisphere for more than a week. During the event we listened to an interesting lecture about volcanos at Iceland and how they are closely monitored. Many of them have outbreaks every ten year. If to relay on the statistics is it soon about time for one of them erupt. Well, I hope I won’t schedule a trip to Iceland at that time although it would be a travel story out of the ordinary to tell when you get home.

Promote Iceland

Visit Iceland

Followed by the interesting talk about volcanos there were some interesting facts about Iceland. Iceland has rapidly grown as a tourist destination that is best for travel from January 1st to December 31st. Iceland is definitely a place to visit if you like an active vacation. I would love to go there fore kayaking, glacier walks, seeing the Nordic light, hiking, visit the Blue lagoon once more and just driving around and discover. Iceland is actually quite nearby Scandinavia so going there for a long weekend is definitely an option. Anyone who has some fantastic do-not-miss out Iceland thins I to share?

Promote Iceland


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  1. Det är 10 år sedan jag besökte Island så visst vore det trevligt att åka tillbaka. Vi får väl se när det blir. Tyvärr kunde jag inte komma till eventet. Var också bjuden men så är jag ju på resa…

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