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Les mills

Last year when I was in Auckland in New Zealand there was one place that I really, really wanted to visit. The biggest sight of them all for all group training fanatics – Les Mills gym. Training is my passion and doing group training classes is something that has been quite a big part of my life since 2005. The Les Mills training center was like a church for believers and if you like training and your path crosses Auckland it is worth a visit.

If you are not into Les Mills I can explain it as pre-choreographed fitness classes that are thought all over the world in a lot of sports clubs. The choreography change every three to four months and popular concepts such as Bodycombat, Bodypump, Bodyattack, Bodybalance are all Les Mills classes so if you go to a gym you have most likely been to one.

Last weekend Les Mills hosted an event here in Stockholm for two days. At first I decided to not go since I been to so many of these but I changed my mind and went there. And it was so much fun! Top instructors from Sweden and all my favorite classes (and a new one) one after another. A perfect Sunday so to say! If you are not already into group training I hope I can inspire you to challenge yourself after reading a bit about the various classes I tried out this grey Sunday in December.



The aim of this class is to do straight training for your entire body. You use weights and though one hour you will have a complete workout. You train one muscle group after another and you definitely don’t have to be superfit or strong in order to participate. It is like the basic Les Mills class when it comes to choreography. When you have tried it our a few times you can do more heavy weights, or you can start with a set of heavy weights and then change during the routine. Personally I don’t like strength training at all so to get it a bit more fun because I know I need it then I join Bodypump rather than walking around in the gym like a jojo myself just going for the exercises that I like and not the ones I need to practice on.


Les Mills Barre

Barre or ballet is the newest addition to Les Mills concepts. I never tried it before and at Les Mills superwknd it was the first time ever it was presented at an event. It was quite similar to SATS own concept Barre and I like it. It reminds me about figure skating moves but without skates. You don’t have to have the best cardio or coordination to enjoy it since it is quite easy to follow but I am sure that tomorrow when I wake up I will be reminded about the plies. This was a class that I definitely will visit more times but not as a single class but in combination with something more intense.



I simply love this class. Unfortunately they do not provide it at SATS where I am a member but when I find it on the schedule somewhere I gladly participate in it. For enjoying this class you need energy and a sense of coordination. It is intense and structurally reminds about classes at Friskis & Svettis where a whole body workout is in focus. It is a lot of jumping so be prepared for that.



This is my favorite of all Les Mills classes. It falls into the category of material arts and if you like kicking and punching while training your cardio this is it. On this event the top instructors Melina Roxhed, Tepp Sangrasi and Michael Steenhouwer showed the moves from the stage. Although it was my fourth class of the day I somehow found the extra energy to do my jump kicks and uppercuts. This class is suitable for the ones that has some extra energy and it is a bit more advanced than the other classes but not just give it one try, give it two or more and you will fall in love with it like I did many years ago!

So now I am curious, what is your relation to group training? Do you enjoy it or not? If you like it do you have any favorites?

/ Pernilla the group training lover


  1. Haha, klassiker att göra övningar en är bra på istället för de som behöver kärlek. Därför jag aldrig gör situps och aldrig får magrutor men kan göra grymma upphopp på box och springa milen på 45. 😉 Jag tycker bodypump är fascinerande tråkigt men kör pass ibland ändå eftersom jag vet att de statiska benövningarna är SUPER inför skidsäsongen. Borde med andra ord pressa BP för fullt nu inför februari-april men förhoppningsvis ger väl mina fyra andra pass i veckan tillräckligt med fys för att palla med en heldag i backen.

    1. Jag älskar magövningar men får inga magrutor för det (har iofs haft det innan men berodde på mindre fett iofs). Upphopp alltså, inte illa 🙂 ja klart du klarar skidsäsongen. Jag hoppas på att dra igång mina skidor nästa helg, har redan ont i mina ljumskar bara vid tanken!

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