Travel Tuesday

Last week my Travel Tuesday series had a break but back on track again. Now it is December and the skiing season has started for winter enthusiasts. Myself I enjoy skiing to but if I would have to decide between a sun and beach vacation and a skiing trip I would all times pick the first one. But nevertheless I love skiing and will for sure go skiing somewhere also this winter except doing XC skiing practicing for Vasaloppet in March. I been to a few magic skiing places and some less magic but close ones so this Tuesday I will take you to some skiing places I been to.

Romme Alpin, Sweden


First out at my list is a skiing place located nearby Stockholm. Romme alpin. It is the closest and best day trip ski resort for people in the Stockholm area. If you just have one day for skiing this is the place to visit. There are 31 slopes and it is good.

Whistler, Canada


In 2013 I was skiing in Whistler, Canada. That was skiing paradise on earth. There were loads of perfect slopes, tons of snow and basically it was skiing heaven. I went there in the beginning of March so it was not too cold either which otherwise can be the problem in Canada. It is really nearby Vancouver so it is convenient to go there. This is the skiing place if you want everything at once. It is rather expensive to skii in Canada and US that is the only drawback.

Nagano, Japan

Skiing in Japan

Skiing in Japan? yes. That was a very good choice. You probably recall that the winter olympics were held in Nagano in 1998 so if you doubt it is a winter paradise that is a quality mark I would say. Except of great skiing you can enjoy beautiful small villages the Japanese style. But don’t expect one huge ski resort in the Japanese alps. Instead there are loads of smaller places located next to each other suitable for one day at a place. When I was there during New Years 2014/15 it was more than one meter of snow so it is snow safe. Getting there from Tokyo takes you about three hours by fast speed train. It is not as expensive to ski in Japan either compared to Canada/US.

Banff, Canada


Seems like a trend for me going to one snow resort every winter so during new years 2015/16 I flew to Calgary, Canada and went skiing in Banff. When I got there it was extremely cold. More than -20 degrees but it was still worth it. It was so beautiful and the skiing was great. There are a few huge resorts to choose between in the area and since I wanted to try out a few I stayed in the village. This is definitely the place to go if you want to have the same skiing experience as in Whistler but a little bit more close by. It is easy to travel there from Scandinavia aswell. Just fly to Chicago from Stockholm and then you can arrive in Calgary the same evening to go further up North to Banff the next morning.

Ski resorts

Skiing could be the very best thing to do in the winter to make you forget it is dark and cold. The only drawback is that it is cold. And I hate freezing. This far I never been skiing in the European alps and that is of course on my bucket list, maybe it will turn from a bucket list point to reality in 2018? What is your relationship to winter and skiing?

/ Pernilla looking forward to some skiing


  1. Kom precis in dörren hemma efter några dagar i Bad Gastein. Jag är faktiskt inte så mycket för skidor men rycker mycket om skidorter. Det är ju väldigt vackert.

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