Travel Tuesday

How many Tuesdays are there in a week? It feels like I always write Travel Tuesday posts nowadays. Today the themed Tuesday will represent my five favorite Swedish places. So let the journey start, from the South to the North.

Tylösand, Halmstad


I rarely travel around in Sweden anymore but one another place at the Swedish West coast that I love is Tylösand and the beaches of Halmstad. Although my dad is from there and my relatives lives there it was ages since I visited the area. Every year I plan to go there but instead I travel to the US four or five times, maybe 2018 is the year I will visit Halmstad again.



Honestly I could place Smögen on place, 1-5 and also 1-10 on my top things to see, do and travel to in Sweden. It is my very, very best place on the planet that I definitely could think about moving to. The tiny island with 1500 inhabitants located at the West coast is the most precious place on Earth. It does not have a lot but it has cliffs, an ocean of salty water, cute buildings and it is simply the best place.

Liseberg, Gothenburg


I will never ever get too old for rollercoasters. Liseberg in Gothenburg is my number one amusement park in Sweden and when I lived across the street from it in Gothenburg I did of course had an annual pass. Well, I also love the whole city of Gothenburg a lot but it was a long time since I was there aswell so I am considering signing up for my 7th Göteborgsvarvet 2018 to have a reason going there. Anyone who already is in for the 21K race in May?

Stockholm archipelago


Since coastal places seems to be a theme when I rank my Swedish favorites, why not also add the Stockholm waters to my list? There are loads of islands to explore and this far I only been to the big ones. One place I have on my to visit list is Saltkråkan since it was my favorite Astrid Lindgren serie when I grew up.



This jewel in the North of Sweden I visited for the very first time less than a year ago. Åre was a place that I fell in love with at first sight. It is the perfect weekend getaway when you need some mountains and snow. In addition to the fine outdoors the sauna land and water park at Holiday club makes it a five star place.

This was my top places I been to in Sweden this far. There are loads of place I want to visit but I save them until later because they are close by and accessible and who knows how long it will be possible and I would be able to travel the rest of the world how much I want to?

/ Pernilla in serious travel mode




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