Places to visit

There are sights and there are sights. When I go places my main objectives for the trips are buildings, beaches and outdoor things. This Tuesday when I wish I had a travel plan taking me somewhere outside the city limits of Stockholm in five seconds I want to share five great buildings that I have been lucky to see myself.

The Great Wall, China

Kinesiska muren

I been to the Great Wall of China two times. The first time I was so happy to see the wall that I did not got disappointed that the place I ended up at was a big tourist trap. I went to Badaling the first time which was extremely touristy and this section of the wall was not that great. It was close to Beijing though. The second time I traveled a bit further, to Jinshaling which was absolutely awesome for a day hike. Not many people at all, clear blue sky and a great scenery. What more to expect at one of the worlds most magnificent places? If you look for great places to visit at the wall, here are some recommendations or if you are adventurous and like to run, the Great Wall marathon could be of interest for you.

Golden Gate Bridge, USA

Golden gate bridge

I have a big passion for bridges. The Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco might be touristy but it is an awesome place. I have passed it by car, by bike and in my running shoes and the running part was definitely the best one. In addition to the magnificent bridge the park and surroundings are also well worth a visit. I mean, what can be better than nature, water and a world class building? Definitely the best thing with SFO.

Tokyo Tower, Japan

Tokyo tower

It is not like a really famous landmark but I kind of like it a lot. A bit of Paris centrally located in the middle of Tokyo. It feels kind of misplaced but I like the contrasts. Also the view from the top is going up for.

Burj Kahlifa, UAE

Burj Kalifha

When I met tall people I sometimes refer to them as “XX looks like Burj Kahlifa”. It is the tallest structure in the world measuring 828 meters and who doesn’t want to check the view from the top? I was up there some years ago and it was absolutely worth going but I remember that you had to book your timeslott well in advance if you wanted to get up during the sunset. If you by any chance are in Dubai during new years I have heard that the fireworks from the worlds tallest building are fantastic.

Tai Mahal, India

Taj Mahal

If it is worth going half way around the world to visit a building? yes. Definitely. My trip this July to TM was a trip with the one and only thing in mind, visit Taj Mahal. It was such a beautiful, different and massive place – standing there right infront of it was a five star feeling. HERE you can read more about the India visit.

That was probably the top five buildings I have been fortunate to visit in real life. Have you been to any buildings of your dreams or is there one you really wanna travel to?

/ Pernilla that like to explore awesome places in the world


  1. Dubai och BK är check och klar, blev 125 våningen. Vore ballt att åka till 140-ish eller hur högt man nu kommer. Golden Gate har jag också kryssat av och precis som dig på olika sätt. Inga löparskor men väl cykel, bil och helikopter. Under bron! Det var nog den fetaste upplevelsen på väldigt länge, där och då! 🙂

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