What to do when having visitors in Stokholm?

After living six years in Stockholm I still have loads of places to explore. This weekend I had some friends from Germany and Holland that I went to exchange with in Singapore ten years ago over for a visit so “what are we gonna do?” was the first thing that came to mine and my Sthlm friends mind when we tried to make a plan a few days ago. The Deutch friend has been here several times before but for the German Stockholm was a new place. Visit arty and heavy museums or going shopping all weekend is not our thing so me and my Sthlm peer thought a bit and came up with a great itinerary that I wanna share as inspo if you have any visitors coming to town.


Friday evening

It was my second last soccer game for the season and I really, really wanted to take part in it before so I did. Our fab team won the game so I was in sunshine mode when I later in the evening we met up with some other friends at winebar, Vinbaren, that the friends randomly had found next to Hard Rock Café. It was supersmal but really cozy and there was a famous Swede sitting at the table next to us so that I take for a sign it is approved as good although we all also liked the place a lot. A perfect place if you wanna go chitchatting over a glas of wine.

Vasastan BK


Since we did not had any dinner on Friday we woke up being starving on Saturday. At 10 we walked to one of my friends favorite brunch places, Sophie’s Canelé at St Eriksplan which I also fell in love with. Definitely have to go back! Not many things beats a really good brunch during the weekend. Then we picked up our iPhones googling for what to come up next. We wanted to go to the archipelago but where?


Well fitted to our schedule we found out that there was a boat leaving to Drottningholm from the Townhall at noon so we walked there and got on board.

Boat trip

One hour later our boat Prins Carl Philip arrived at Drottningholm and there we took a long walk in the beautiful park. You could of course go into the castle and Kina Slott but that is outside our interest so we spent the afternoon outside watching the colorful leaves, having a walk and catching up.


I think it is so easy to forget about great places like this when you live somewhere. Even though it is a bit touristy it is definitely a perfect place to go to for a stroll other than just doing the standard route around Kungsholmen or Djurgården.


A lot of people that was at our exchange in Singapore in 2007 have been expats in Stockholm and ten months ago our Italian friend moved here and as a sparetime project she and her husband started a brilliant sushi restaurant Sambamaki at Östermalmstorg. Of course we met up with them there to have our Saturday night out with dinner and drinks. I been there only one time before when they opened in July but trust me, it is sushi heaven with world class cocktails.


New day and breakfast time again. We had a plan to go to Södermalm and try out Greasy spoon for breakfast but when we came there at 10 the line was incredible long. Well, not a surprise when the place is ranked as the number one brunch place in Stockholm so we decided to find another spot to have our morning coffee at. And just nearby Medborgarplatsen we found a very cozy French place that we went to and it was a positive surprise. The yoghurt and müsli was perfect and also the avocado toast. Nice atmosphere and great food to a good price so I strongly recommend the place called Magonza.


Then we headed for our last activity which was not eating, something I feel that we did a lot of this weekend. We walked to my favorite museum in Stockholm, Fotografiska to look at their exhibition. This time it was about Gaza and other places in the Middle East and Africa about refugees and human catastrophes and that is one of the most interesting topics I know. The other main exhibitions was a series of photos from different places in Sweden and evening activities called “Last night in Sweden” which I also enjoyed a lot. Then it was a portrait exhibition of famous people and photos from a Vouge photographer which was okey but nothing that would make me wanna go there.


After nearly 48 hours of hanging out with the ex Singapore crew we hugged each other good bye and of course we had made plans for upcoming trips. It is really fun that ten years after we became friends at one of many student parties in Singapore we traveled the world together in one or another constellation, going to Frankfurt, Holland, Brazil, US, Bonaire, Berlin, Milan, Paris, London, Rome, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, China, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, Spain, South Africa and probably somewhere else.

If you want more ideas about what to do during a weekend in Stockholm I have written about that HERE.

/ Pernilla that enjoyed touristing at home

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