Running at Mallorca

Mallorca is often associated with being the paradise for biking and triathlon training. But in triathlon running is included so I thought there must be some awesome running trails aswell so as always I fitted my running shoes into my suitcase to be able to discover Mallorca on the run.


The first destination of my Mallorca trip was Formentor. We stayed in a luxury house in this national park located in the North of the island. It was about 20 minutes drive to reach our house and the roads were filled with bikers cycling up on the snail like hills while enjoying the view. I did immediately saw the potential of this place to be a great one for runs so the first day after a light breakfast I took off to discover the route from our house at the hill above Formentor beach direction towards the lighthouse located about 15 kilometers away. It was hilly but more long ones than steep ones so it was okey to run even if you don’t like hills. My best advice is to bring your camera that allows you to take guilt free photo stops to catch the magic views. Look at this, clear blue sky, temperature around 20 degrees, some friendly bikers on the streets, just you (and a lot of scary goats).



Mallorca running

Palma de Mallorca

I only spent one day in Palma de Mallorca but enough to discover the most famous running route that I strongly recommend if you travel there for a weekend trip. The route I am thinking about is the famous beach walk that stretches from the cruise passenger harbor, providing a view of the many yachts and boats, the castle, beaches, places where you can zip Sangria and chill and of course the Mediterranean sea. The great thing with this route is that you can run as far as you like to. If you want to spot Scandinavians doing their daily workout this is the place to be.

Sail boats Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca

If you like to participate in running competitions there is a marathon in October every year. Check it out HERE. And far as I know there are many training trips with destination Mallorca so it is not only me that categorize the island as a great place for training. Have you been traveling to Mallorca to do any sporty activities? tell me.

/ Pernilla that love exploring different places with running shoes

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