Best beaches worldwide

I am a big fan of beaches and therefore many of my vacations have beach visits in focus. Walking at endless beaches,with white sand between the toes, looking out over a perfect blue ocean in your own thoughts or with some great company, what can make you feel more in vacation mode than that?

After visiting 60 countries I have seen a lot of beaches. Great ones and not so great ones. In this blog post I share the best beaches I know. I suppose you also have some favorites, which ones?

Kailua beach, Hawaii

Hawaii beachAt Oahu island at Hawaii there are plenty, and I mean plenty of awesome beaches. One of my absolute favorite ones are Kailua Beach Park. It offers perfect white sand, green surroundings and is not too crowded but also not lonesome. A must visit at Hawaii.


Eagle Beach & Palm beach, Aruba

Eagle beachDuring my trip to Aruba in March I had a beach vacation in mind and so I got. I saw two of the most beautiful beaches I ever seen, Eagle beach and Palm beach. These two beaches with 500 meters apart are totally different. Eagle beach is quiet and Palm beach is as populated and commercialized as Waikiki beach. Huge contrasts but ten minutes apart. Can it be better?

Beau Vallon beach, Seychelles

Seychelles beachLast year I was at Seychelles for running a half marathon and at the same time I visited some of the best beaches I ever been to. At Seychelles there is not only one great beach, there are all over the island. This is the place to be for beach lovers and I hope I will be able to get back soon.

Trou aux Biches, Mauritius

Pernilla at a beachMauritius. Like Seychelles it is a tiny island out in the Indian ocean offering premium beaches all around the island. White sandy beaches, warm and blue water that you never want to get out of. A beach paradise not just for honeymooners.

Miami beach, Miami

Miami beachDo I need to present this beach? Miami beach. I love this place. Classic but never outdated. Best thing right now is that SAS will start flying to MIA from Stockholm in October, I will for sure board that flight.

Varadero beach, Cuba

Cuba beachI thought Cuba was an overall interesting experience when I was there last fall. I did not fell in love with the country but with the beach in Varadero. It directly qualified into my world class beach list. Perfect sand, not too crowded and nice water. I hope the beach will remain the same even though Cuba opens up towards the world.

Tulum, Mexico

TulumLast but not least, Tulum in Mexico add’s to my world top beach list. I been here two times and what can I say more than it is an absolute favorite of mine. Mexico. A fantastic country with fantastic beaches worth traveling the distance to.

If those were my very best beach picks I have a few that I do not like at all. Among them comes Patong beach in Thailand, stony beaches at Rhodes, Bonaire island beaches due to the fact there were no beaches and the last one I have forgotten the name. But there were a few in Dominican republic that I didn’t enjoyed at all. Do you have any beaches that you would not recommend friends or enemies to visit?

/ Pernilla the beachlover

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