My best travel hacks

Hand luggage only.

I never (almost) travel with a checked bag. Usually I bring one carry on on wheels and one sporty shoulder bag.

Priority pass.

If you do not hold a frequent flyer card and still want to access lounges I strongly recommend to get a Priority pass. Most credit cards in premium versions offer this as an extra benefit so if you travel a lot it is worth checking.

Travel essentials.

Wear comfy clothes, bring a cozy scarf and an eye mask (if you don’t travel in business class and get one). These things will make you able to sleep (and not freeze to death) during your travels. I guarantee. If you have problem with bad circulation in your legs, suit up in a pair of stylish Gococo compression socks during long flights.


I am not a good one when it comes to this point but bring some snacks when you travel. You never know when you will get something to eat and if you plan to eat at the airport there is a big risk that you will end up with no time. Been there – done that hundreds of times.


Buying water at airports is an extreme waste of money in my opinion and since you are not allowed to bring it in the stores charge exorbitant prices. Bring your bottle and fill it once you passed the security check. Also great to make sure you drink enough of water.


What are your best travel hacks? we all learn from each other and our mistakes, right?

/ Pernilla in travel mode

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