Skiing in Åre

Almost one week after coming home from Winterworkation in Åre I am still high on endorphins from the trip. It was such an amazing place that took my heart away. Honestly. I wrote a bit about crosscountry skiing and this time it is time to make a review on the downhill skiing part which Åre is famous for.

Skiing gear

SkiisIn cooperation with Skistar we got to rent skiis and got skipasses for the weekend so it was no need to carry the heavy skiis more than from the hotel to the lift which was a 10 minute walk. We pre-booked our stuff so it was just to check them out upon arrival. Easy peasy. I tried my gear on and it felt good but when coming to the slopes the first day my calves were cramping. I still went for some runs and halfway down the slopes I had to stop due to the cramping calves. I didn’t wanted to spend time changing my boots since the slopes were not open that long, but the following day I did and then I got a set of stuff that I really enjoyed skiing with.

Skiing areas

BackarSince it was my first time in Åre I had plenty of slopes to discover. We started off going to the top with the cable car just to get a view but unfortunately it was all white on the top so we saw nothing. But I imagine it was amazing. It was not worth going up more since it was almost impossible to see anything at the 1420 meter high Åreskutan and the last day the cable car was closed due to heavy winds.

But at a big resort the weather conditions differs. It was a bit difficult to navigate between the different systems but once you became familiar with the area looked it became easier. After trying out the central slopes I headed over to investigate what Björnen had to offer. That was not a bad choice at all. The skiing was perfect. And almost no people in the slopes. I really liked that area and especially since the sun was shining right into the face which was not the case at the central part where the wind was whistling.

Restaurang i backenThere were also numerous of places in to visit for food or drinks. Or heating up the feets. So who are the slopes in Åre suitable for? I would say skiers that has some experience. I was not really looking for beginners slopes but my feeling said that you need to have been skiing before to enjoy the place since most slopes were red flagged.

Åre also offers night skiing which I didn’t tried but that is something I added to my bucket list for future visits. Anyone who tried it?

BredoltI have to admit I feel like a five year old wearing the helmet but it is just to face it. Safety first my friends! And it is actually warmer than a hat.

/ Pernilla the skiing lover


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