Crosscountry skiing

Winter is here and I love it. I have not always so done though. The main reasons for that is that everything takes longer time and that I am freezing all days long. That is pretty energy consuming. Then some years ago I added crosscountry skiing as one of my hobbies and now the winters are still freezing and a hazel but they are also fantastic since I fell in love with the skiing. Anyone else out there who has turned from being a winter hater to winterlover?

This year I finished my first 90K Vasaloppet and next year I plan to do my second one.  Of course I am aiming for the real Vasaloppet. No girly stuff for me. So now I have no problem to fill my spare time with winter fun stuff. My pre Vasaloppet goal was 300K of practicing and I fulfilled that although it barley came any snow here in central Stockholm where I live. This year I am to add more kilometers to my training so the coming two months will be filled with snow hunting. There are loads of great places to ski nearby Stockholm but most of them requires freezing temperatures and nature snow but some does not require that much snow and in this post I recommend my favorite pic’s that are worth checking out if you wanna do some city skiing.

Stockholm Stadion

img_1482This historical stadion in central Stockholm have generous opening hours and the ski runs are very well prepared. A visit here does besides physical training gives you mental training since one lap is just 400 meters so you better be prepared for that. There are at least three tracks beside each other and the place suits all kind of skiers. It can though be crowded at some points so you better be there as early as possible.

Högbo, Gävle

img_1699This place is around two hours by car from Stockholm just outside of Gävle but it is well worth a visit for top class skiing conditions. You have to pay to ski here but the track conditions are great and there is also a restaurant that I heard serves great food. I been participating in Bessemerloppet here two times and hope to do it as a part of preparation for Vasaloppet also next year. This is an ideal place for a one day skiing trip.

Täby konstsnöspår

20160116_121134Täby konstsnöspår is by far the best skiing track nearby Stockholm but a few years ago it moved so now you need a car to go there. It is located at Arninge golfbana in Täby. The tracks are of superior quality and are made of fake snow. What I specially like with this place is that it is flat. The skiing fee is around 80 SEK but well worth it.

If you don’t have a pair of own skiis there will be a minor issue though since the possibility of renting cross country skiis is very limited.


My favorite pick when it comes to ski related sites are:

Skidspå where you can find information about all skiing tracks and reviews.

Alewalds best store for skiing gear.

Tiger balsam ski tour where you find info about skiing competitions.

/ Pernilla the XC skier


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