London during christmas

It is almost weekend again and one week since I left Stockholm for a friends hangout weekend with christmas theme in London. Time really flies this year and as my wise father said, it feel like time goes faster when you have experienced kind of the same things before. However, a weekend in London during christmas time was nothing I had experienced before but it was definitely worth doing.

20161210_155206It all started with a tour up in the air by SAS. Touchdown, a Heathrow express tour, some stops with the tube and then I met up my friends in the banking district of London for a meet and greet evening. There was christmas trees everywhere! Awesome.

20161210_124034On Saturday some of my friends woke up before me and my roomie so they went to the Breakfast club for having brekkie which they said was fab. Unfortunately the line was incredible long so me and my sleeping in friend took I quick stop at Pret before meeting up at Somerset house for what we thought was going to be an ice skating session. But in London you need to book everything (except tables at restaurants) so we couldn’t go skating. Too bad. It seemed to be awesome.

20161210_133105The day continued with a lot of walking, a visit to Covent garden where tons of people were shopping or looking at the nice christmas decorations. We had a drinking stop before ending up at another place for drinks and snacks at All bar one at Licester square. That was a good place for a rest. With new energy we continued our walking tour and came to the big shopping street Regents street. It was so crowded though so shopping was not even to consider. Okey, we visited two shops, Topshop and & other stories but with a travel group of three girls and one guy the three of us could have stayed longer. But we also had to hurry up for the dinner since it was already quite late.

20161210_192518Which took place at the Bombay café restaurant Dishoom. And at this pretty hyped dinner place you could not book tables so we had to wait, wait and wait even more. One hour outside, 1,5 hours at the bar and then for our ordered food. Well, I have to say that I was hungry when the food finally came after eating nothing since breakfast. But was it worth the wait? yes and no. The food was good but not great. The bar was really nice and the atmosphere aswell. When the tikka masala was eaten up we went out to check out London by night.

20161211_132005Sunday started also with some food. This time at my all time favorite breakfast place, Le Pain Quotidien at St Pauls next to where we lived. A long brekkie later we dropped off to the airport one by one while spending the last hours walking around chilling in the warm and nice weather. On my way home I thought I had a superior travel plan though Copenhagen but I ended up with a canceled flight and had to spend two long, long hours waiting at the airport before getting back to Stockholm after midnight.

Christmas in London is definitely something worth visiting but do not expect to buy too many gifts since the lines are incredible long. You better focus on getting christmas inspiration and social activities, but bear in mind that time is one constraint!

PS: On the topic of christmas stories, I recommend you to check out Jen’s blog calendar where 24 bloggers post travel stories every day from 1-24th December.

/ Pernilla and the story of a London weekend in December


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