A freezing cold December day, what would be better than leaving the chilly outdoors for a few hours and head into a SPA sometimes? Most people get surprised when I tell them that I enjoy going to SPAs since I do not appear to be the proper SPA person according to my appearance but I have to say that I really enjoy it and that was also a reason to my visit to Tallinn last week – visit a SPA.

I used the well know online search engine Google, have you heard about it? found a place that seemed to be nice in central Tallin, City SPA so I headed there and checked in. 23 Euros less at my credit card and I was in.

img_7390First stop was the fitness area. They had a whole range of classes from yoga to indoor cycling but I went to do my own routine at the gym. I did one hour of cardio in the cardio corner before I did half an hour of strength training and finally rounded off with some stretching. The gym had everything you could wish for so five out of five credits from me.

img_7391I changed outfit as fast as the superman and within seconds my bikini was on and I was swimming in the pool. It was of model better indoor pool, the water was warm but not hot and it was big enough to swim in. The pool area also had a jacuzzi where I spent quite a lot of time and a relaxing area where I finished reading my book about Swedish immigrants to the US in the 19th century. Complete relaxation if you ask me.

img_7395They also had saunas and of course I tried them aswell. One mud sauna, which was the first time I tried, one hamam sauna and one dry sauna. I prefer the dry one so I stayed there the longest. When I was done I had decided to eat sushi and what was just outside the SPA? a sushi restaurant with five star sushi that made my day complete.

The SPA did of course also offered massages and stuff like that but it is not my cup of tea so that part I skipped. Maybe someone of you have tried it?

/ Pernilla the SPAer

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