Weekend trip to Strasbourg

Nowadays when I have my working base in Zürich I will do my outmost to explore the area around. Strasbourg in France is just 2,5 hours away by train and for quite some time I have been curious about that city so I made a weekend excursion to check it out.

Petit France

I fell in love with the charming city at once. The city center felt like the iconic pictures you see of France in advertisements. It was just so picturesque everywhere. Cobble stone streets, leaning buildings and majestic governmental ones. Green and filled with flowers. Cute cafes and restaurants. Of course wine bars and rivers to stroll along or take a boat tour at.

Running city

My running shoes were of course packed. I enjoyed a 15K sightseeing run. Germany is only 3 kilometers away from the city center so I did some of my running at the other side of the river Rhine. It’s not every day I do boarder crossings while out running.

Running seemed to be very popular in Strasbourg. People in all shapes and ages were out running. And I understand them. Alongside the channels and in the parks there are endless of scenic routes. And who am I not to try them out?

Iconic sights

The huge gothic church is a landmark you have to check out. It was very beautiful from the outside but inside was nothing special. Just large. If you want a great view of the city you can also walk up the stairs for a view over the city.

The European Parliament is not only located in Brussels. Also in Strasbourg you can visit the parliament and go for a tour. I been to the one in Brussels when I got a scholarship and wanted to visit the one in Strasbourg also but unfortunately I had no time on Saturday and on Sunday it was closed otherwise you can go for free guided tours.

Orangerie was one of the most beautiful parks I visited. I wasn’t running when I went there but it made me wanna think I was. Or was out for a picnic.

Last but not least I enjoyed iconic food. A fresh croissant was the best but also the cheeses to the Alsace wine wasn’t bad. Or the takeaway sushi I enjoyed while people watching from the waterside.

How to get to Strasbourg

Strasbourg might not be on your list of destinations to go to but add it. Having yow days to spend in the city was perfect. I got recommended to bike in the Alsace wine country also but saving that for another time. There are a lot of places nearby like Colmar and the Europa park, Schwarzwald national park, Baden-Baden and so on. If you fly in I would recommend either Frankfurt or Zurich and from there you can go by car, bus or train which only takes a few hours.

Questions on that?

/ Pernilla on the way back after a weekend in France


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