Wintertrip to St Moritz, Switzerland

In the middle of March I headed to the alps for almost a week. I got a warm welcome in Zurich with sun and spring feelings. Snowstorm and sun in St Moritz and a real snow storm the day I went back home. As always I had a fantastic time in Switzerland but now I will share my story about the days I spent in the luxury skiing village of St Moritz.

Travel to St Moritz

I flew into Zurich airport and after spending a day in Zurich I took a late train to St Moritz. The train network is excellent in Switzerland. Tickets could feel a bit pricy but compared to booking a train last minute in Sweden I would say price level is about the same with the difference that it is a reliable mode of transport in Switzerland. I was lucky since most of big sports events in Switzerland also include free public transport in the entrance fee I partially used that. For Engadin ski marathon that I also participated in during my Swiss tour I had two coupons for free travel on the UNESCO heritage Rhaetian railway to and from the event so I only purchased a train ticket from Zurich to Chur. I always travel by train I Switzerland and have done it quite many times so I am rather familiar with the network but even for a first timer train travels in Switzerland is hassle free and a world class sightseeing tour. It took me 3,5 hours to travel to St Moritz from Zurich. Trains in Switzerland do unfortunately not have wifi installed so download your content or bring a book.

St Moritz accommodation and ski pass

People say Swiss tend to be expensive but I won’t agree at all times. It may look expensive at first but when you see what you get it is not. If you stay in St Moritz and plan skiing you have a very sweet deal. If you ski all days during your trip you only pay 45CHF (45 EUR, March -23) for a ski pass. Extremely good value I would say! If you don’t want to ski every day you can always change accommodation and not buy a ski pass at one of the places.

Skiing resort of St Moritz and Conviglia

St Moritz ski resort is connected to Conviglia and together it is a medium sized system. For two days of skiing you can definitely cover all of it. My first day in the slopes weather was terrible. Snow, no visibility longer than to the next pole in best case and windy. Every skiers night mare. It was fun for a short time but it is a bit dangerous also especially when you aren’t familiar with the system. Usually I am not a fan of having lunch especially not when skiing but the first day I barely wanted to leave the cozy lunch place. The snow was thought great so I kept on doing adventure skiing. Sometimes it was fun other times it gave me wanna give up right away though.

But after rain comes sunshine. Second day in the slopes also stared with snow and I thought not one more day. But then after two hours of less snow than the previous day it turned out to pure winter magic. Blue skies and perfect snow. Fluffy powder next to the slopes. Every skiers dream. I didn’t wanted to leave the skiing paradise. Ever.

Two different but yet amazing skiing days came to an end. I tried out all slopes at least twice. Of course found some favorites that I didn’t wanted to leave. There was no question what so ever to the lifts so I managed to do plenty of rides. Could definitely recommend skiing in St Moritz for a long weekend. Have you been there or have another ski destination close to your heart to recommend in Switzerland? shoot.

/ Pernilla that is not finished with skiing season of 2022/2023

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