Trying out fitness centers in Stockholm

I have always been the type who loves to do things. When I got older and started at the university I signed up for training at Friskis & Svettis in Jönköping where I lived at that time. Later on I worked also. Then I moved to Gothenburg and joined the same training chain. Also when visiting my hometown Västerås I often go to Friskis for training and when I got the possibility to try out F&S in Stockholm I did of course do it. F&S is the place where I started to love group fitness. In Stockholm the gym is present at 16 locations (Nov, 2022) so plenty to choose between. I went to the ones closest to my home.

Friskis & Svettis Hagastaden

F&S Hagastaden had a gently welcoming reception with a lounge group, books to read and very kind staff. The gym area at a Saturday morning when I visited were crowded and there were people of all ages around. The center was very clean and well maintained and had the latest kind of equipments. I spent just a short time in the gym since I was heading for classes but it looked great.

Yoga energy

75 minutes of yoga, what could be a better start of the day after 10 hours of sleep? I liked the class, it was not a complicated one but it was a good flow and good music. At F&S every instructor creates their own classes so it is a bit of lottery if you like it or not compared to LesMills classes which are though worldwide and are the same no matter if you train in London or Jakarta. The yoga studio was not specifically hosting yoga classes and with a rather small group it got a bit chilly inside. That was the only minus but you could borrow blankets to cover up with during the final relaxation part. There was an English speaking girl in the group so the instructor taught the class in English. Perfect for me since I am honestly quite bad in Swedish nowadays since I don’t use it very often.

Gym strenght

The second class I went to was a 55 minutes gym class. It was a group of 8 persons and we had a positive and motivating coach that guided and pepped us through a set of exercises. I did not got completely warned out but pushed myself taking heavier weights than what I would have done visiting the gym myself. It was a good mix of exercises and the hour went by very quick. A perfect session if you don’t like to go to the gym yourself or if you want to be challenged.

Friskis & Svettis Kungsholmen

I headed to another F&S location to try out an old favorite, Jympa Intensiv. The Kungsholmen location is the be found just after entering the island from St Eriksbron. The place has been newly renovated and feels spacious. There is plenty of equipments to train with and if you would like to enter the treadmill you will have a view out of the gym not in mirrors which often is the case.

Intensiv Jympa

That is a high pulse pass and I can confirm it still gives me the peaks at my pulse watch. The class includes cardo exercises in intervals and some strength trainings in between. The 55 minutes class is perfect if you want to get tired and let your whole body work.

I liked to get the opportunity to try out F&S for a week. Right now it will not be my “home gym” since I like SATS more due to the variation of classes, more classes and LesMills classes. If I didn’t went to the gym for doing classes only the gym I would prefer F&S since it feels like a less show off place than SATS often tend to be at certain locations. Out of Stockholm I would though reconsider my choice of gym and 7if I was about to pick in my hometown Västerås I would go for F&S. Pricewise F&S is a cheaper alternative than SATS.

/ Pernilla that tried F&S in Stockholm

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