Art walk in Stockholm

Have you heard about Snösätra in South of Stockholm? I had for a long time but never ended up there. Fellow travel blogger Stadtillstrand wrote about it half a year ago and myself wanted to go there for a long time. It is a cultural center and every half year the scenery change and new talented street art painters get the chance to add their art to the walls. The day I went there it was freezing cold and a bit snow. If you are looking for corona safe activities and are tired of going to nature reserves this is a great excursion. And you do in the same time collect some cultural points. Because street art is culture, right?

Streetart of Snösätra

The Sunday when I strolled around looking at the art there were just a few artists there. I also bumped into one guy working with the project and he told me that in former days (read before covid19) they had a festival there every year where tens of thousand people came to look at the art. He also said that twice a year they paint all walls white and then let new people decorate them so if you been there once, the scene won’t be the same if you get back later on.

I walked around looking at the amazing artworks for as long as I managed before completely freezing my toes and fingers off. Really liked the place and it is a great venue if you would like to make a photoshot.

/ Pernilla that collected this years first cultural points

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