Hiking at the beach

A few weeks ago here in UK just after the lockdown begun I headed to the nearby coastal town of Great Yarmouth to check it out. It took 50 minutes by bus and as it is England it was a double decker. I am not five years old anylonger but still get a bit excited about these busses. When I grew up in Västerås, Sweden in the beginning of the -90s the only time we could visit one was at birthday parties at McDonald’s since they had a modified version for birthday parties. So these busses have always been special to me and what is better than sitting in the front at the upper deck? Enough about double deck busses and now over to a trip report from the exploring trip I went to.

Coastal hike

I had not done to much research about this place but checked google maps and saw the beach was long and wide and I thought it would be great for a walk, if not then I would take a walk at the pavement to enjoy the ocean view. That would definitely be good enough for being November in UK. Weather was on my side and it was close to 20 degrees. It was such a luxury day, nice weather and a place well above my expectations. Immediately I found a hiking trail but I decided to start walking at the beach and do the trail on the way back.

I kept on walking for a bit more than two hours. The first half an hour it wasn’t many people since it was still early but then it changed. All kinds of people ended up coming to the beach and they went there for fishing, walking dogs, running, picking sea shells, having food, playing with balls and so on. Myself, I was walking for exercise and listened to a few pods.

Once in a while I stopped by to take photos or just to enjoy the view. I love the ocean and hope to one day live close to it to be able to take daily walks there.

Packed lunch and outdoor spa day

I brought some snacks in my backpack and planned to sit down and enjoy the scenery and have lunch and read a book. But after two minutes reading the book I called a friend instead.

When we ended our call I read a bit then I walked back again. This time I was hitting the coastal trail path and it was nice although I preferred to walk on the beach itself. Great Yarmouth was a bigger city than I thought and I guess it is sprawling activity there during the summer since there were quite many restaurants, bars and even an amusement park but during the lockdown it was quiet. Quiet but not empty. The beach was crowded. Here in UK like elsewhere it seems like people end up going out in the nature when shops and restaurants are closed. I wanted to take a cold swim also but there was no one else doing that so I didn’t. Maybe not that many people do in November but… next time.

Outdoor is the best right? always open and available for everyone most of the time. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than packing a few snack items, tie your walking shoes and get out in the nearby area. That is something I have started to appreciate again this year, before my adventures was most of the time far from my home now they are also far from my home but also close by. November and lockdown doesn’t necessarily mean you are locked into your home and will bore to death. Get out and do what is possible to do. Have you also found any places around the corner of where you are located that you might not have done pre-corona?

/ Pernilla that will never get tired of exploring places near and far


  1. Åhh vad härligt med en dag ute, är ju egentligen inte svårare än att packa med sig lunch och ta sig ut! 🙂

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